My son has just recently started giving us "love bites." He has all but 4 of his teeth, so the chances of it being teething isn't very likely, plus he's not gnawing on us as if he were teething. He's just leaning over and giving a little bite. Generally they aren't painful, but I don't want to teach him that it is okay to bite. How do you handle "love bites" from a toddler.

asked 19 Jan '10, 14:27

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I used a two-stage approach:

  • When my daughter was younger (< 2) and the biting was just play/attention-seeking then I would say (in a calm, firm voice) "Ouch, biting hurts. We don't bite" and then re-direct.

  • Now at 2.5 yrs, biting is in the same behaviour category as hitting & kicking and results in an immediate time-out - no warnings. I'm happy to say that this is a rare occurrence (knock on wood).


answered 19 Jan '10, 22:27

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+1 for your method !

(20 Jan '10, 14:54) Emi

My 33 month old just started, at first i said, "ouch, biting hurts" the next time he latched onto my hand i noticed his eyes were filled with love not anger. So i just let him bite. I explained how much i love him and stayed firm with how biting hurts, but to not neglect the love he was feeling i explained hugs and kisses are a gentler way to express love. So far so good and i get more kisses than ever :-)


answered 05 Feb '13, 13:07

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