Aside from the obvious mechanical forms of birth control (condoms, timing, etc..) what pills (if any) are available that are said to be safe for breastfeeding moms that I could ask my doctor about and how reliable are they? Breastfeeding alone was not an effective method for me last time around. :)

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Brant County Healthy Unit has a nice concise summary of the different options as well as their effectiveness with "typical" usage.

After discussing the options with my doctor, I decided to go with a hormonal IUD (Mirena). My doctor did warn me that some women complain of decreased milk supply with progestin but the amount in the IUD is less than the mini-pill (I can't find anything to back up this last statement). I started out with really low milk supply so I was carefully documenting my amount each day and noticed no difference (though I didn't get it until my 6-week checkup). There's also a non-hormonal IUD but I decided against it because my doctor said some women experience more menstrual pain and my cramps are bad enough as they are :)

I've had an IUD for 9 months now and think it's wonderful.


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My OB prescribed me a progestin only birth control pill called Micronor. Its taken once daily, the same as other birth control pills, but because it only has progestin and not estrogen in it, it does not change or deplete your milk supply which other pills can do. My doctor recommended to use this pill while I was breastfeeding, but to switch back to my normal pill when I was ready to stop breastfeeding as its not as effective if you're not breastfeeding.


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My doctor mentioned this to me, and she warned me that it must be taken at the exact same time every day to be effective. Just FYI. I decided i'd be better off with condoms or just taking my chances.

(19 Jan '10, 19:54) Anne

Historically for us just taking our chances is a sure way to get pregnant. :)

(19 Jan '10, 20:39) colinm

There are several types of progestin-only birth control pills. After my son was born I took one called Errin. It's up to your doctor to determine which one is best for you.

(19 Jan '10, 21:09) mkcoehoorn

The options presented to me when I was breastfeeding were:
mini-pill or estrogen-free birth control pills
Depo Provera shots

A warning about the depo shots. I started getting them while breastfeeding my daughter, and during that time they caused my vaginal opening to atrophy which made sex impossible (on the upside, I didn't get pregnant while I was on them). So my doctor had to prescribe an estrogen treatment to counter it, then she switched me to a normal birth control pill. But by that point I had stopped breastfeeding so it was no longer an issue with the estrogen. But it is something to consider and discuss with your doctor.


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