Now that my daughter is one I find that many of her toys are too young for her or she's just bored of them. Does anyway have any suggestion for good educational toys that will keep you attention? We do have a few leap frog toys, which are good but she's not overly interested in them and the sounds often make her cry.

asked 13 Sep '09, 12:42

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You might want to consider purchasing a play kitchen. It is a good long term investment and is great for imaginary play. We bought a play kitchen when my daughter was 1 1/2 and now my son is 1yr and my daughter is 2 1/2 and they both play with it every single day for long periods of time. You'll notice a kitchen grows well with age. First they play with just the doors and putting play food in and out and such, then they start pretending to "cook" with the food.

Other types of toys that have kept my kid's attention are the fisher price shape sorter, piggy bank and the little people's airplane (which I think have less-annoying music than other toys I've seen AND you can turn the music off which my kids find equally as fun). They also really enjoy board books and peg puzzles. I hope my experiences are helpful.


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I was having that same problem, and a friend introduced me to Discovery Toys!! Here's a catlog: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/uploads/fckeditor/dt/File/DTUSCatalogFall2009.pdf You can browse by age! How easy is that?!? My son is almost 2 now, and he loves the giant peg board!! The measure up cups are perfect for 1 year olds!

Hope that helps! Stacey


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Thanks for the great link Stacey.

(18 Sep '09, 00:53) Tammy ♦♦

You are very welcome! I prefer toys without sound just so that your child has the opportunity to make those sounds (for language development). So that sounds like that would work best for your little girl that doesn't seem to enjoy the sounds from her leap frog. I know DT has a lot of options for that. I do hope ti helped, and I hope she gets some great new toys that keep her entertained - at least long enough to sip some coffee and read a magazine article (or do dishes, if you must, teehee). Good luck!

(21 Sep '09, 06:23) Stacey

The Learning Shop has great educational toys. You can look at their web site. My daughter is 9 months and gets bored with her toys. We go to different play groups which is great because she can play with different toys. We went to the learning shop and found some great musical instruments that she loves to play with.


answered 17 Sep '09, 20:01

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