Now that we have a child, the rate of nicks, scratches, bumps and bruises in our house has increased tenfold. I imagine this will only get worse. What are the useful items that you should have in a first aid kit, aside from the obvious, like bandages, etc.?

I imagine these answers may contain regionally specific products, so please include the generic term where possible.

asked 21 Jan '10, 11:36

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Scott ♦♦
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These are our "must have on hand" items in our "First Aid Kit"

  1. Plasters aka Band Aids regular ones and a few with characters like these
  2. Bruise soother like this
  3. Savlon Antiseptic liquid and cream for the whole family
  4. Nurofen (ibuprofane) as pain killer usually given if the doctor advises us to
  5. Calpol Suspension for bringing down temperature in needed
  6. Cotton wool balls and cotton buds
  7. Small tub of Sudocream ( this is the Magical Cream that has worked wonders since she was a baby. Great for rashes, gashes, scratches, minor burns, and insect bites.
  8. Small bottles containing olive oil and clove oil. (Olive oil is used for during ultra gentle massaging if she has a tummy ache or is constipated) Clove oil was for rubbing on her gums when she was teething, useful to have.
  9. A bottle of Oil of Olbas for kids and lozenges. to help ease congestion

answered 21 Jan '10, 16:24

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I think it depends on the needs of your children. I have a standard bandage kit but add things that I know we will need, ie liquid antihistamine, ibuprofen, bug bite relief cream, teething meds, polysporin or similar ointment, lip stuff (which magically cures many boo-boos in our house :).


answered 21 Jan '10, 14:00

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+1 for the "lip stuff" idea! :)

(21 Jan '10, 14:37) Scott ♦♦

I would like to add to these lists:

  • Tweezers - to remove splinters and ticks and bee-stingers and stuff...

answered 22 Jan '10, 07:44

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Rather than give an exhaustive list, I'd recommend getting a first aid kit. The mid-level kits contain most of the essentials (bandages, swabs, plasters, gloves) and having it all in one bag makes it easier to locate and get to where it's needed (it's also easier to tell a brother/sister to grab the red bag than 5 little boxes).

You can pick up a decent kit for less than £10. I also carry a travel kit whenever we go out on walks, it might be worth getting one and sticking it in the buggy/car as well as the home one.

I'd also keep a note of when you bought it and what the expiration date is. Most of the contents won't degrade but some parts like gloves and pills have a shelf life.


answered 21 Jan '10, 12:57

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Rich Seller
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Yes, we have all of ours in one container, which makes it convenient.

(21 Jan '10, 14:38) Scott ♦♦

I haven't used it myself yet, but we intend to have Arnica in our first aid kit. It is a homeopathic remedy good for bumps and bruises, and my other mommy friends swear by it.


answered 22 Jan '10, 18:43

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