I work part-time and my husband works full-time so our baby is usually in daycare a couple of hours every day. However, we are still struggling to figure out what to do when our baby is sick, particularly if he feels fine but is just contagious. Most of the time we split taking care of him. Every so often I consider hiring a babysitter but I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to risk getting sick. Plus, our normal babysitter is a high school student so she isn't available in the daytime.

What do you do for childcare when your child is sick? What about extenuating circumstances such as a really long illness or one of the parents is gone a business trip?

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asked 21 Jan '10, 19:34

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When I was still working, since we could both telecommute, we would alternate who would work from home that day. Since we had grandparents not far away, if for some reason both of us really needed to go into the office, we would call them for help.

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answered 21 Jan '10, 20:09

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We are very lucky in that regard, as both our grandparents live very near to us and are available during the daytime. I would not know how to handle this otherwise.

(22 Jan '10, 07:50) brandstaetter

Either my wife or I can usually take off work to care for our sick child but we have occasionally used a local service called Parents in a Pinch. From their website:

For working parents, life becomes especially difficult when the nanny quits, the baby cannot adjust to the day care center or when a child comes down with a cold, flu, diarrhea, or an ear infections. When you're facing a last minute child care need, you want someone whom you can trust and can respond quickly. Our caregivers are trained and experienced in providing care for mildly ill children.

Maybe you can find a similar service close to where you live. Good luck!

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answered 22 Jan '10, 12:33

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Oh, that's an interesting thought. I'll have to see if something like that exists around here.

(22 Jan '10, 15:54) Kiesa ♦

I would try and take time off work to care for my daughter myself, but unfortunately my employers never made it easy for me. Our house keeper (who was part time during that period) would watch over and we would pay for every extra day. I didn't really like doing that but we did not have any other choice at that time.

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answered 22 Jan '10, 10:28

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