I'm a dad trying to get the hang of the Moby wrap. I've watched videos and read the instructions, but still can't help feeling like I have to wear my daughter up around my throat just to have enough length in the thing to tie it off.

I'm not a very big guy (5'11", 170 lbs), and I don't have a chest to speak of, so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?

asked 21 Jan '10, 21:14

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How big is your daughter?

(22 Jan '10, 00:29) Scottie T

She's about 8.5 lbs.

(31 Jan '10, 00:25) altoitis

Are you tying it in the front or the back? If there is not enough length you can tie it in the back, which is what I do for my husband (he is about your size). For myself I tie it in the front.


answered 29 Jan '10, 20:45

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I have been tying it in the front. That's a great suggestion about trying it in the back.

(31 Jan '10, 00:27) altoitis

I have one, but I only used it a handful of times. When I did use it, I found I had to tie it on pretty tight, but that it would stretch like crazy once I put my son in it. Have you tried just putting on tight and squeezing her in?

As an aside, the first time I tried on the Moby, I was so disappointed, because I couldn't come close to being able to tie it. Then I realized that I WAS STILL PREGNANT and after the baby came, my belly would be a bit smaller. :)


answered 22 Jan '10, 02:34

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Hm, I don't think your second paragraph applies in this case :)

(22 Jan '10, 06:57) Benjol

I have tried that. She was not a fan. ;-)

(31 Jan '10, 00:25) altoitis
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