This is my son’s third season skiing. (He is 3 3/4) However, he always skied between my legs and loves the speed and ease at which skiing happens. I do not seem to know how to get him to a point where he would start to do things on his own. I need some advice on how to make this transition easy and fun for him. We are going to Colorado in a month and I would like him to become a bit more independent on a bunny hill.

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I have seen lots of people on hills using this Ski Harness on their children. Its a harness you put on your child with straps that you hold so you can ski a short distance behind them to help control their speed and allow them some room to get a feel for skiing on their own. This harness also comes with the ski tips to hold the child's ski's in the snow plow position so they won't cross their ski's and also helps control their speed. I don't have any personal experience with this, its just something I've witnessed and looks great! If it works, please let me know, as I have twin sons I would love to teach to ski in the next few years :)


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I've also seen some great ski schools for preschool aged children, where they teach them to ski and do lots of fun activities with them to help their ski skills.

(22 Jan '10, 00:22) Shannon B

I was hoping to do it on my own. However, if it proves to be difficult we will use ski school. We do own Ski Harness. In the past it didn't work for us that well. I think because my son was too. Thank you though for reminding me about it. I will take it out of a closet and give it a try. :)

(22 Jan '10, 19:26) Gosia

I meant to say that he was too small for it.

(22 Jan '10, 19:27) Gosia

I know that some of the ski schools require that kids be a certain age. Snowbowl requires kids to be 4 yrs for skiing and 5 for snowboarding. Best to check with the resort.

(26 Jan '10, 07:46) Lisa C

The Ski Slopes and facilities that we have been to (a couple of hours drive away) do not span out over a very large area, there are a couple of runs with a few chairlifts and T-bars, but even so we noticed that there were also a couple of instructors teaching groups small children at the base of the nursery slope. When we asked they told us that lessons were given to 5 year olds and on. They even have a miniature T-bar to practice on.

It seemed that the children are all around the same age and they are all learning to move, stop and slowdown with the skis together. I would think that a few lessons like this could be really helpful.

We are also interested in this topic and while researching I came across a nice blog called

Homeboy ski

written by an alpine skier and snowboarder, father.


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Emi thank you for your response. I went to Homeboy Ski explained our situation in a bit more detail and asked for advice as well. I hope to get some input. Gosia

(22 Jan '10, 19:20) Gosia

Check out Kid Ski at http://www.kid-ski.com. Its a system designed by a ski racer.

I used it for both my kids, had them skiing on their own by 3.

Part of the system is a harness the child wears with a handle on their back - you can pick them up like a suitcase and place them on the lift, carry them up and down stairs, etc.


answered 08 Feb '10, 16:02

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