Inspired by this question and the resulting comments, I'm reminded how I used to be grossed out by a lot of things, but after becoming a parent, it just doesn't phase me anymore.

So, in the interest of preparing the next generation for what they're in for, what's your grossest parenting story?

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asked 22 Jan '10, 13:25

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I think the moral of this story is, if you have any issues about bodily fluids, and them being put in unusual locations, then don't have kids!

(23 Jan '10, 11:56) pipthegeek

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I'll start it off. About a month ago our daughter realized that while you were changing her, she could reach down and grab the old diaper once it was unfastened. This wasn't a problem until one day I had turned slightly to grab a wipe, and she pulled off her messed diaper sending the contents flying, of course. I was a bit shocked, and my reaction was "nooooooo!"

For some reason I now have this hilarious vision of her standing up, taking off her messed diaper, and twirling it around her head with this crazy smile on her face...

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answered 22 Jan '10, 13:33

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I leave my son sitting on the loo to do a number 2, he calls me to come wipe his bum. I do so, then put the tissue in the loo but there was no poo there. I say to my son 'where is your poo?' he pulls his hands out from behind his back and said 'here it is mummy' all squished in his fingers.

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answered 22 Jan '10, 17:22

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Phil Seller
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As expectant parents people seem to delight in trying to scare us with horror stories about babies. It doesn't faze me, I normally respond with one of these:

  • My little brother throw up into my mouth when bouncing him (my own fault really)
  • Same little boy wiggle about and catch me square in the eye with his tiny fist. Try explaining how you got a swollen shut eye because of a baby to the kids at school.
  • One of my nieces spray liquid poo all over my school uniform
  • A child in potty training mistake one of my shoes for the potty
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answered 22 Jan '10, 14:30

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Rich Seller
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Wow, those are bad. But as a child, you most likely didn't have to clean them up all by yourself, eh?

(22 Jan '10, 16:58) Scott ♦♦

Ha ha yes he did!

(22 Jan '10, 17:23) Phil Seller


(22 Jan '10, 17:52) Adam Davis

Thanks as always for the sympathy sis

(22 Jan '10, 18:27) Rich Seller

One day my son, who was just a few months old at the time, was playing with grandma after eating. She stood him up on her lap and he fell forward onto her chest and spit up down her shirt and bra, requiring that she go change both. Then he went to sit on the lap of a visiting friend, where he proceeded to urp again on her pants, requiring her to go change as well.

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answered 22 Jan '10, 16:33

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my little niece who is 2 years old just recently lifted up her dress and put her hand in her nappy only to fetch out a biscuit and start munching on it!

this would normally have totally grossed me out before, but now I'm a parent I just thought it was the cutest little thing!

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answered 22 Jan '10, 23:09

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Early one morning I woke to the sound of my 2yo son's 'I am into something' laugh over the monitor. I raced out of bed and into his room, to be greeted by the sight of a bare bum. His head and shoulders were behind the blind, as he was looking out the window. "Hi mom", he said, knowing that it was me without looking, "my poop needed to see out the window". I opened his blinds, and sure enough there were his poops, sitting on the window sill, looking out the window!

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answered 23 Jan '10, 00:47

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I have another one. I was pulling our daughter out of her Jolly Jumper and I was sitting down to do it, so I lifted her over my head. She suddenly drooled (a large amount) and of all places it went in my ear! It makes me shiver just thinking about it...

Of course Tammy was laughing!

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answered 22 Jan '10, 17:01

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Scott ♦♦
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I seem to remember hot milky sick all down my naked back in the middle of a warm summer night. It was a really peculiar sensation, probably on offer in some very exclusive clubs.

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answered 22 Jan '10, 17:23

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Meg Stephenson
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Just this week my wife called me and asked, "Guess what your son did today?"

The baby had been fighting a stomach flu all weekend, and while at her parent's house he decided to throw up shortly after having eaten. Turns out he managed to get it all (and apparently it was a lot) into her shirt and bra.

The worst I've suffered is holding a baby with the diaper attached securely setting to Off and the Baby suffering from diarrhea setting on Turbo while they were visiting me at work.

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answered 22 Jan '10, 18:03

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Adam Davis
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After just starting toilet training my son, I had to interupt a phone call to my Dad with the sentance, "Hang on a minute, Andrew just pooed on the floor in the hall". Thankfully it wasn't too bad to clear up.
Fast forward a few years, he is out of nappies. My wife and I were heading to bed and found the bathroom covered in poo. It appears he had diarrhea, had got up to go for a wee, while standing, realised he shouldn't be! Had he just come and told us then, it wouldn't have been so bad. But I think he was worried about being told off and tried to "clear it up". Obviously this just made it worse. There was poo smeared on the walls, and the towel and the floor, and the door handle. There was even a footprint in the hall. Although the one I really can't understand, is it was smeared around the outside front of the toilet bowl. This was not what we wanted to have to clear up at 11 at night!

This wasn't my child, but I have seen and helped clear up a nappy leak that had managed to get liquid poo in the child's hair. That smelt awful as well.

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answered 23 Jan '10, 11:54

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