Our first is due in just over two weeks. My wife's pregnancy has been following very closely to her mom's, when she was pregnant with my wife (their first), in terms of things like the baby's growth, activity/stretching/hiccups, general lack of morning sickness. My wife was born two weeks late (although nowadays doctors won't let you go past 10 days here in Canada.) But, countering that, our little guy 'dropped' right at 36 weeks, and my wife has been saying since then that her intuition tells her he's coming early. She can't say why, but she "feels" it.

I don't put stock in unsubstantiated delivery-date prediction theories. But I'm interested in your anecdotal experience with your first. Did your first come into the world before, on, or after your expected due date? (And, if you like, what did your intuition tell you was going to happen up until then?)

Of course, factors like a C-section, eliminate the ability to tell when the baby would have come on her/his own, but your intuition is still interesting. (And why don't we have a gender-neutral pronoun yet to replace "her/his"?)

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asked 23 Jan '10, 20:44

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Shouldn't this be a community wiki?

(25 Jan '10, 09:13) brandstaetter

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Our first and only (so far) came about 2 weeks early. I'm Type 1 diabetic which means doctors typically won't "let" you go beyond your due date, so I was worried the whole time about needing an induction. Luckily she came on her own, and we were able to birth entirely without intervention, minus a heplock.


answered 23 Jan '10, 23:23

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My first was two weeks late and induced. I never dropped or had any braxton hicks and I fully expected him to be late... in fact I packed my hospital bag the night before I was going in to be induced. Canadian OB's will let you go later than 10 days, but you have to ask, and it will depend on you/your pregnancy.

My second was 10 days late, but not induced.

My OB tells me that maternal history is the best predictor of birth date, and it fits in my case - all of my mom's children were at least two weeks late!


answered 24 Jan '10, 02:24

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Interesting - I was one day late, and my daughter was 2 weeks early. :)

(24 Jan '10, 03:35) Fun2Dream

My brother was on his due date and I was a week late. Both my kids were 2 weeks early. Each child will arrive in his own time.

(24 Jan '10, 22:35) mkcoehoorn

My oldest was due March 28, and born on April 6th, my second was due November 28th and born on Dec. 1st, my third was due on March 28th and born on April 3, and the youngest was due on August 28th and born on Sept. 7th. (Notice a theme, no idea how I managed to have the 28th of a month as my due date 4 times!)
They were all late, by varying degrees, and with all 4 I had a pretty good idea if it was okay to make plans for the weekend, or if I might be otherwise occupied.


answered 24 Jan '10, 08:27

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I was due October 21st and had her on October 23rd. They called me in the morning of the 22nd to come in to be induced and I told them I had been having contractions all night. So my labour actually started really late on the night of my due date... just took awhile.


answered 24 Jan '10, 15:19

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ouch! That's a long labor!

(24 Jan '10, 16:46) Artemis

I had her early in the morning of the 23rd... so only 36 hours but I'm hoping for under 24 hour for this next one due in March.

(24 Jan '10, 19:10) nikjoyce

I was SURE our son was going to be early--every first-born in our family arrived 1-2 weeks early. The baby had dropped, I was enormous, and sooo ready to not be pregnant.

Ha! I ended up being induced, and he was born 10 days after his due date. What did I know?


answered 23 Jan '10, 21:06

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My wife won't be happy to hear this. ;)

(23 Jan '10, 22:28) Jeff

My daughter dropped two weeks before birth and my son at 6 months. According to my mom I dropped at 7 months.

(24 Jan '10, 03:19) mkcoehoorn

Exactly on his due date. They told is this was actually pretty rare.


answered 23 Jan '10, 23:58

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My older brother was also born on his due date.

(24 Jan '10, 03:18) mkcoehoorn

less than 5% are born on their due date, apparently :)

(24 Jan '10, 17:37) DarwinsMom

My son came 2 and a half weeks early. I actually never dropped, so I didn't think I would be delivering any time soon. My water broke, but the rest of me wasn't ready to deliver so I had to be induced. I was glad he was early, though- he was born 8 lbs 8 ozs!


answered 24 Jan '10, 01:57

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8 1/2 pounds with 2 1/2 weeks to go? No kidding you were glad! :)

(25 Jan '10, 21:59) Jeff

All seven of my Mum's baby's were late, my 2 were 10 days late. I was induced after 10 days with my first and due to be induced with my second and while we were waiting to see the doc i went into labour. It was very frustrating being late because i was so ready from 38 weeks.


answered 24 Jan '10, 06:49

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We had twins, so obviously we expected them to come early (I don't even think you're allowed to go past your due date with twins, and a lot of expectant twin mothers are induced in week 38/39). Everything seemed to go so smooth in the pregnancy, that our intuition told us that we would at least go past 37 weeks. However, six weeks before our due date (34+6) she gave birth to two tiny little boys.


answered 24 Jan '10, 08:51

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Our son was due November 23rd, and was born December 8th. If my wife hadn't gone into labour that night, we'd have been in the hospital that morning seeing if there was a free bed to be induced - though we were warned they had no beds, and might have to come back the following day or be sent elsewhere in the country!


answered 24 Jan '10, 12:45

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