Our circumcised son's penis is frequently not visible when we first take off his diaper. In order to clean it, we have to push down the surrounding skin. This is not something myself or my wife have seen in other babies (both of us, being the eldest children, were frequent babysitters). Should we worry about this, or will it eventually correct itself?

asked 24 Jan '10, 21:40

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Matthew Jones
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Whatever you do, don't tell him about this when he gets older!

(25 Jan '10, 02:09) Dennis Palmer

@Dennis Palmer: True, but this would make a wonderful story to tell when you get up to make a speech at his wedding. :)

(25 Jan '10, 02:49) Scott ♦♦

Is he quite a chubby baby sometimes that can make it smaller or disapear?

(25 Jan '10, 07:11) Phil Seller

This happened to my nephew when he was little, and my concerned brother and sister-in-law took him to the doctor. Because there is a fat pad right above the penis, chubby babies can get chubby enough that the fat pad is thicker than the penis is tall. It's actually happening to all babies (and even some adults) but usually the fat pad is either not big enough, or the penis is long enough that it is not noticeable. The times when the penis is not hidden is just one of the many times that your son has an erection. They do start immediately, and are random and intermittent.

It's a good thing that you are pushing down the surrounding skin to clean it - we should all be doing that regardless of apparent size. It's an area that is frequently overlooked, and can get dirty.


answered 25 Jan '10, 17:21

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Our pediatrician recommended we don't pull the skin until he's older, as we could cause damage. He's not circumcised though, it may be different

(25 Jan '10, 19:24) JJJ

@juan i think she means the fat pad and not the foreskin.

(26 Jan '10, 16:47) Phil Seller

definitely! you should not pull down the foreskin. I was referring to the fat pad :)

(28 Jan '10, 16:53) DarwinsMom
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