We are planning to travel from the U.S. to New Zealand with our 11-month-old son next month, and I'm hoping to get some insight on what sort of baby items I'll be able to find there. We'll be in Wellington to start, and then will be freedom camping for a week, making our way to Auckland.

  • Diapers: We use Pampers here, but I read somewhere that they aren't available in NZ. We've used Huggies with success, but haven't tried many others. My son does have pretty sensitive skin, so I need to use a good brand that won't give him diaper rash. What are good brands to look for in NZ?

  • Baby food: I typically make purees for him, and he's eating some finger foods, but I think we will have to buy some jarred food for him while we're there. What are good brands to look for? Are there organic options? What about brands of baby formula? Is Enfamil available in NZ?

  • Where to buy stuff: I'm thinking I'll try to stock up on supplies in Wellington. What's a good store to shop for baby food/supplies? Grocery stores? Drug stores?

  • Any other tips for us? Suggestions for kid-friendly places to visit?

We're really looking forward to our trip. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Kia ora

Probably the best way to get a feel what products are available in NZ would be to visit one of our online supermarkets (e.g. http://www.foodtown.co.nz) and see what they have in the baby section. There's a huge range of baby food (organic and non-organic) and I can't really recommend any particular brand.

Nappy-wise, the two big brands are Treasures and Huggies (although I have seen advertisements for Pampers so they might be around).

Where to buy stuff? If it's just food and nappies then any of the big supermarkets will do the trick (Foodtown, New World, Countdown or Pak n' Save). If you're after clothes or accessories then any of the big department stores are good (e.g. Farmers, KMart, The Warehouse) or there are also (more expensive) specialty shops such as Baby Factory or Pumpkin Patch.

Final tip: beware of the sun. We're closer to the ozone hole and the UV will burn uncovered skin a lot quicker than many people are used to.


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Tane, thank you so much for your suggestions! Great tip about the sun--we are all pretty fair, so we will take precautions. Thanks!

(27 Jan '10, 04:43) BetsyB

I would add: Nappies - Treasurers come in two styles Ultra and giggles. Giggles are the cheaper style but lots of people find they can have leakage so I buy Ultra if buy Treasurers.

You would find all supermarkets will stock nappies and baby food and formula. I haven't seen the brand of formula you mention in NZ supermarkets.

Most cafes/eating places in NZ are kid friendly and have a highchair. You may need to ask if you don't see one.

We have done lots of travelling around NZ with our children(under 4 years) and find most places we want to visit they enjoy. Te Papa Muesum in Wellington has special areas for preschoolers (my kids enjoy the other areas as well) and is definitely worth visiting.

There are some shorter bush walks(under 30 minutes) that are manaageable with a buggy/stroller but the majority of bushwalks are not manageable with kids in a buggy/stroller so if you are keen on doing these you may want to consider bring a baby carrying backpack.

NZ weather can be really variable even in summer so be prepared for hot and cold weather on the same day.

I hope you enjoy your trip.


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