This may be a weird question, but I was wondering if babies stop having erections? My son used to have one all the time in his first few weeks of life whenever we changed his diaper. Now he is 5 months old and I can't even remember the last time I saw one- I think it's been MONTHS! Is this normal? Does he still get them and I just don't see them, or will he get them again when he's older, or is it broken?

asked 27 Jan '10, 14:13

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Tammy ♦♦

Weird question title...

(28 Jan '10, 14:27) JJJ

"Is it broken?" hehe No, it's not broken! :)

(29 Jan '10, 20:34) Sabrina

From my experience with my 3 boys, it just becomes less noticable, he's almost certainly still having erections, just not everytime you change him anymore. (More likely, when his diaper rubs against him in a very nice way, according to my GP.)
My youngest is pretty rough with his penis when he's being changed and I told him once in front of one of his older brothers to "be carefull with that, little man, you'll want it later," my sixteen year old said, "Tell her to mind her own business, little guy, they arn't that easy to break!". So, I've been properly put in my place on the subject of penises, and I don't think you have to worry about it being broken!


answered 27 Jan '10, 18:11

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haha, thanks for sharing your experiences- i laughed out loud at "when his diaper rubs against him in a very nice way"

(27 Jan '10, 20:26) DazedandConfused

That should have been in quotations in my answer, I laughed out loud when my Doctor said it to me, too!

(31 Jan '10, 07:22) Neen

This is surely the first recorded case of a mother worrying that her baby isn't having enough erections!

I don't think you can conclude anything other than that they are likely happening at times when you aren't watching. I wouldn't worry about it.


answered 27 Jan '10, 18:54

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My Mother always says "If you're worried that they arn't doing something, some poor woman is almost certainly worrying because her kids are!"

(31 Jan '10, 09:45) Neen
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