To save money, I cut my husband and kids hair. My daughter does pretty well at it, but my son is 18 months and has trouble staying still. He keeps turning his head to look at the trimmers or tries to get up. I try to be patient and give him a snack to help keep him busy but he is still restless.

Any suggestions on how to get my son to stay still while I cut his hair?

asked 27 Jan '10, 16:44

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I wouldn't normally suggest the idiot-box as an answer to anything, but in this case does he have a show or a DVD that would keep his attention long enough to get the trimming done? Something to keep his attention fixed forward and mostly stationary, is what I'm aiming for.


answered 27 Jan '10, 16:51

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+1 brilliant humorous answer!

(28 Jan '10, 15:37) Emi

Hah, thanks Emi. I wasn't actually trying to be funny at all. I was afraid of being judged for suggesting the TV as a crutch. If it came across as funny, so much the better. :D

(28 Jan '10, 16:24) Jeff

I loved the 'idiot box' description and your disregard for it :-)

(28 Jan '10, 20:57) Emi

We use Smarties, or a similar type of sweet. Basically one sweet for every minute or so of sitting still.

A single snack wouldn't work, but a steady stream of small rewards seems to. Obviously that's not something we want to encourage frequently, but for the occasional haircut I think it's okay.


answered 28 Jan '10, 14:21

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+1 Smarties, Maltesers, Buttons, Opal Fruits, Fruit Pastilles :) I remember these from when we were given them as small rewards too.

(28 Jan '10, 15:39) Emi

I would give my son some weird and unusual (but safe) object to attract his attention. Otherwise the trimmers were the attraction. Often things on hand in the bathroom worked really well, like my clippy style barrettes or a butterfly clip.


answered 27 Jan '10, 17:47

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Here's my post from another question about cutting hair.

When my son had his first haircut (14 months old) we went to Cost Cutters and she took the time to explain it to him, gave him a certificate and a sucker afterwards. Now he's 6 1/2 and I cut his hair myself and we have no problems plus I don't have to bribe him anymore. When he does get a real haircut I let him have a sucker if the place offers it.
As for my daughter. She loves getting her haircut but I will no longer do it since one time when she was a year old she kept moving so her hair kept getting shorter and shorter. If you have girls, please just take them to get their haircut, it's so much easier. Now her hair is at her waist but had I kept cutting her hair, it wouldn't be below her shoulders.

I would take him to a haircut place and have them explain it to him and not use the word "tickle" because when they hear that then they wiggle even more. Let them touch the instruments (within reason) to help them understand.

I hope it helps.


answered 27 Jan '10, 18:49

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