While I'm delighted at seeing my baby daughter begin to gain weight, it's got me thinking about childhood obesity and when you should start moderating the amount of food a child comsumes.

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+1 Nice question

(28 Jan '10, 14:18) Emi

We had periodic visits to our daughters Paediatrician, so weight was also something that was monitored as well, and I presume that any hereditary traits such as Obesity would and could also be monitored with the help of your Dr.

I think moderating the type of food a child consumes is just as important as the amount. Speaking from personal experience, my husband and I have adopted much healthier diets since becoming parents. Less takeaways and more home cooking with importance given to eating seasonal vegetables and fruits which in turn set a good example for our daughter to follow. How you eat and what you eat is also important I think.

You may like to check out Scotts anwser to the question Infant Growth Chart as well.

I found the information from Wikipedia to be very informative regarding Childhood Obesity. The paragraphs Dietary Sedentary Lifestyle Genetics and Home Environment can be of particular interest.


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There was an interesting program about child obesity on panorama on 25/01/10, they were saying how important it is to get children eating right from the start and how if a child is fat by nursery age they have a higher risk of becoming a fat adult, it certainly opened my eyes to errors ive made.


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+1 for 'Panorama' (great documentaries)

(28 Jan '10, 18:39) Emi
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