I am right handed but I have a left handed preschooler. He has shown a preference for his left hand for at least two years. I was trying to help him spread bread yesterday and found it difficult as what is the natural way as a right handed person is not natural for a left handed child.

Does anyone have tips for helping him learn to spread bread, cut with scissors, hold a pen etc?

asked 29 Jan '10, 08:48

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+1 Nice question!

(29 Jan '10, 09:28) Emi

+1 i also have a left handed 2 1/2 year old and i'd never even thought about it before so interested in answers.

(29 Jan '10, 16:26) Phil Seller

Great question. I am right handed and my mom was left handed, so I have a similar but opposite problem. I tie bows in the weirdest way anyone's ever seen. Don't forget tying shoes when you look at options.

(29 Jan '10, 17:27) Anne

I've no idea if this is practical or not, but you could try using a mirror.

If you position it so that he can see your actions clearly in the mirror, you'll appear to be left handed. If possible it might make sense to further position things so he can't directly see you perform the action to avoid confusing him, maybe sit side by side with a small partition between you and a mirror in front?

There are some other suggestions at this site and this one. A common suggestion is to face square on to the child so they can mirror your actions.


answered 29 Jan '10, 12:04

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Rich Seller
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My mom is a lefty while I'm right handed. She taught me to do things by having me sit facing her so that I could mirror her actions.


answered 29 Jan '10, 14:25

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+1 I'm left handed and this worked well for me to learn from my right-handed parents.

(29 Jan '10, 16:32) cat_g
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