In the process of trying to locate childcare/daycare services that support cloth diapers. In my calls around town the typical responses are either:

1) "I'm not sure"

2) "No"

3) "I don't see why not"

And in about that order of frequency. The only place I spoke to that had a strong affirmative is a 9 month school program for 18month+. We were hoping to find a provider that would accept 3month+.

One group said "I don't know, let me find out" and then seemed to imply afterwards that they were not allowed to accept them due to state regulations (which I believe is incorrect based on my reading of the regulations).

Most of these responses seem to stem from a lack of knowledge, or misconceptions on the lack of cleanliness of cloth diapers. I have a feeling that if I approached the problem armed with some information, I might find more success. I looked up our state regulations (Texas,, but I found no mention what-so-ever in regards to cloth diapering. The problem, of course, is that lack-of-evidence is about the weakest argument one can make. It only addresses changing rules/regulations, independent of diapering type.

Am I missing some pertinent information that I can wield when I speak to these agencies?

asked 29 Jan '10, 20:00

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What City in Tx are you in?

(30 Jan '10, 02:48) Mary

Hi Mary. We live in Houston.

(30 Jan '10, 03:50) Matt 4

I would take an example diaper (probably an All-in-One or Pocket style) in to the facility and show them how easy they are. Also take along a wetbag to show them how they are contained until you pick them up at the end of the day. Often after seeing how similar the diapers are to disposables, daycares will change their tune and be willing to try it out.

I just found this article that has some tips for talking with providers about the issue.

Good luck!


answered 29 Jan '10, 23:15

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