My almost 9 month old baby had very soft stools up until a few days ago. It had the consistency of peanut butter since he was about 6 months old and started eating solid food. But a few days ago it suddenly changed to be more like what adult poop looks like. He has one or two poops a day, so I don't think he is constipated. However his poop changed and became solid so quickly that I'm wondering if this is normal.

So, at what age does baby poop usually become like adult poop?

asked 30 Jan '10, 04:33

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It depends largely on the diet. As he gets more solid foods and becomes less dependent on formula and milk, it will get more firm. I think my daughter was two before she started to have "adult" poops consistently. My son is still in the in-between stage. Some days he has "baby" poops and some days he has "adult" poops. It varies depending on what he is willing to eat from day to day.


answered 30 Jan '10, 04:42

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It's the same with us

(30 Jan '10, 07:24) brandstaetter

@mkcoehoorn How old is your son?

(30 Jan '10, 15:51) cat_g

He is 18 months

(30 Jan '10, 16:26) mkcoehoorn

Breastfed babies (I can't answer for formula-fed as I have no experience there) have almost liquid poop until they start digesting solid food in reasonable quantities, then it gradually (over a few days) becomes like adult poop. With my older two this was at about 6-7 months, I introduced them to solids through the conventional purees route. My younger one was baby-led weaned and didn't develop more adult poop until he was 8 1/2 months, I took this as indicating that he wasn't actually ingesting much before then, mostly just smearing it over his face. If they cut back on solids and take more milk again (if they are unwell, for example) the poop becomes softer and more like baby poop.


answered 30 Jan '10, 20:47

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Meg Stephenson
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@Meg This sounds like the case for my son. He is breast fed and we are using baby led weaning. Perhaps the sudden change means he is finally getting some food in his belly at almost 9 months.

(30 Jan '10, 21:19) cat_g

My almost 6-month old son started solids a month ago- when it was just baby cereal it made his poop a bit firmer, more like thick peanut butter, as well. Now he has a wide variety of veggies, fruits and cereal and his poop is SO hard! It's definitely like adult poop, but it actually comes out more like nuggets most of the time- I have to watch out, because sometimes they'll just roll right out of the diaper and onto me!


answered 30 Jan '10, 14:56

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Lol! I've experienced the almost rolling out of the diaper!

(30 Jan '10, 15:51) cat_g

Our Public Health Nurse told us that when the poop comes out like nuggets it's genearlly a sign of constipation and means that your little one needs more fluids.

(30 Jan '10, 17:29) Tammy ♦♦

hmm, I didn't know that- thanks, Tammy!

(30 Jan '10, 20:28) DazedandConfused
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