I'm having a debate at work about whether a man should take his daughter into the mens or ladies toilet when she needs to go?

Obviously it would be using a cubicle either way.

Which is the 'done thing'?

asked 01 Feb '10, 15:10

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dan curtis
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Tammy ♦♦

So, who is "winning" your debate?

(01 Feb '10, 23:33) Fun2Dream


I think it would make women in the ladies room a little uncomfortable with a man in there, even IF he's there with his cute little girl. I would suggest taking her into the men's room- just make sure everything's really clean! ;)


answered 01 Feb '10, 15:14

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I just have to put some personal experience in here: I helped at a lot of scout-camps and had to clean the toilets too. Always, the ladies toilets were dirtier and had more litter on the floor than the men's toilet. Just had to point that out, in defense of the dads out there ;)

(01 Feb '10, 15:24) brandstaetter

lol... sorry to stereotype ;) i'm ashamed of those dirty women!

(01 Feb '10, 17:42) DazedandConfused

I've had the opposite experience in camping and scouting situations. The men's restroom reeked of who knows what and the ladies was nice and clean.

(02 Feb '10, 16:13) mkcoehoorn

Go with the adult's gender, not the child's. I'd be quite happy taking a female toddler into the men's, and my wife is happy taking our sons into the ladies'.

I guess there is a difference in that there's more "on display" in a men's bathroom than in a ladies, but I don't think it's a problem for young kids - certainly not at age 2. For example, I doubt that any bloke is really going to be offended by a 2 year old girl coming into the men's toilets, but they could be somewhat shocked at a full-grown woman showing up while they're busy with target practice...


answered 01 Feb '10, 15:43

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Jon Skeet
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Also, despite what many women seem to think, it's pretty hard to see someone else's private regions while they're using a urinal, unless they're using it dramatically wrong.

(01 Feb '10, 17:19) ceejayoz

@ceejayoz - LOL at "dramatically wrong" - just cracks me up thinking about all the ways a guy could be using the urinal dramatically wrong. "woooooweee! Lookit that! I can hit it spot on from across the bathroom!"

(01 Feb '10, 22:37) Adam Davis

I had to fetch my 8 year old son from a busy mens room once (after an event, the line at the ladies was about 2 miles long, and he really, really, really had to go #2, and then took a looong time about it and I got worried) and as I was leaving with him I got a shocked look from exactly one, about 20 year old, guy. He must have said something to someone in there 'cause I overhead through the closing door, "She's that little guys MOM, I think she's seen a dick before, and I doubt yours is anything special."

(02 Feb '10, 09:23) Neen

A lot of shopping centres these days have a "parents room" which has a couple of toilet stalls (with both grown up and child sized toilets) and plenty of benches for doing nappy changes, etc. (At least, this is in Melbourne.)

Failing that, I would often use the disabled toilets as they give plenty of room for and adult and child(ren) and are usually a lot cleaner then the average male toilets. Pragmatism triumphs political correctness for me in this case.

As the last resort, go with the adult's gender.

E. (Who is glad those days are behind him.)


answered 02 Feb '10, 00:20

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They have those family washrooms in Canada at most shopping malls as well.

(02 Feb '10, 02:06) Tammy ♦♦

The kids don't care one way or the other, it's the adults whose sensibilities are being served by separating the sexes into different rooms. The adult goes into the right room for themselves, and takes the kid with them. Simple as that.


answered 01 Feb '10, 18:25

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