My 5.5 month old is teething (two lower teeth have already sprouted), and recently he has started sucking on his lower lip quite often. Occasionally he does like a pacifier or a teether, but his lower lip seems to be his favorite.

I am concerned about potential adverse effects on his bite and teeth. Have other parents encountered this issue? How do I stop him from sucking his lip?

asked 02 Feb '10, 05:34

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Our son is teething too, but none have come out as of yet. I noticed that he started sucking his lower lip very soon, and sometimes just say "Oh, don't do that" and use my finger to gently stroke across his chin from the mouth down to "plop" the lip out.

I noticed that the frequency of him doing it went down; I am slightly concerned about his bite and teeth too, but ad I see it, he will need braces later on, as both parent had them too and he has a slight gap in his upper jaw, between the front teeth.

So, I just try to nudge him gently into the right direction, but currently I'll wait until the teeth have come out before worrying about that more.


answered 02 Feb '10, 07:58

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All 4 of my kids have done that at about that age. Don't worry too much, from my experience, it's a phase that usually doesn't last very long and they stop when they get a bit more mobile and find better things to stick in their mouths. (Of course, I bite my bottom lip when I'm concentrating on something, but that's not the same at all, is it!)


answered 08 Feb '10, 07:42

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My 4 month old also started doing it and was more interested in it than his pacifier. He used to have this intent look of concentration when he was biting his lips. He hasnt done it in the past two three days, so I am just hoping it was a passing phase.

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answered 08 Jul '10, 15:30

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