How do you get a toddler or young child to get lots of rest while sick?

asked 02 Feb '10, 15:56

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It is probably impossible to get a child to rest all the time but somethings that work in our family are: - sitting down with him and reading a book - A DVD or kids TV. My three old wont sleep duing the day but he will rest while watching something on TV. He might even fall asleep. - Does he like drawing or building because even these activities can be relative relaxing


answered 04 Feb '10, 01:09

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Long walks in the buggy or a drive in the car is the only way i can get my 2yr old to rest, plus the fresh air does them a bit of good.


answered 02 Feb '10, 16:21

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Phil Seller
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+1 for fresh air!

(02 Feb '10, 22:57) Emi

I know you asked for a toddler, but I think my experience with my infant may apply. He gets really jazzed when he gets to go to daycare and play with his friends, or whenever he meets new people or goes to new places. He will resist sleep as much as possible so he can have more fun. So the way to get him to rest is to give him lots of quiet time at home in a familiar place.

You can't make a kid rest, though. All you can do is provide a rest-friendly environment.


answered 02 Feb '10, 17:05

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Ahh, then you're probably going to have to devote that day or two to 100% parenting, watching movies, and playing quietly with him. Just suck up the fact that nothing else is likely to get done unless he's sleeping and enjoy cuddling on the couch and colouring and going for long walks. It will actually probably be really good for you, too!


answered 04 Feb '10, 21:37

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The problem (if I understand your question correctly) is related to your child not being able to breath through their nose, because it is blocked. This means they fall asleep breathing through their mouth, then when they are sleeping their mouth shuts and they wake up in a panic (repeat all night).

What we do (doesn't always work), is use nose drops, and saline fluid. It's pretty barbaric (I hated the 'nose washes' that a doctor prescribes when I was a teenager), but it can often help to get the nose a bit runny and clear stuff out.

Another idea is Olbas oil, or some other eucalyptus/menthol combination which can help to clear the airways.


answered 03 Feb '10, 11:50

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Actually the problem I am experiencing is that as soon as my son starts to feel better he becomes energetic and won't rest until he relapses and feels cruddy again. So he just goes in cycles. Feels icky so he rest a bunch, starts to feel better, runs around and plays, uses up all energy, feels icky again, etc. I'm wanting to get him to settle down and rest for a day or two straight so that he can kick the cold.

(03 Feb '10, 14:24) mkcoehoorn
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