My 3 week old often has problems getting wind up, so I've been considering using a remedy like Infacol wind drops. I've seen a lot of people on the internet saying how wonderful they are, but is there any downside to using them?

asked 03 Feb '10, 19:53

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What are wind drops? And for that matter, what does "getting wind up" mean?

(04 Feb '10, 05:40) lgritz

@ Igritz burping the baby

(04 Feb '10, 08:37) Phil Seller

@Igritz - Yea, I mean burping

(04 Feb '10, 10:53) nickhiggs

Please see our handy English to English Translation Page: :)

(04 Feb '10, 10:54) Scott ♦♦

We used Infacol all the time without any problems


answered 04 Feb '10, 07:54

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We used Gripe water with what seemed like some success with our first. I'm not sure what the active ingredients in the other products mentioned here are, but there is some debate - not to say controversy - over bicarbonate-based remedies. Basically, they work by lowering the acidity in the stomach, so some say they're just preventing/prolonging digestion and could screw up the pH of digestive fluids.

As the linked page says

"getting a fussy baby to stop crying may be no more complicated than giving it some sweet-tasting liquid."


answered 08 Feb '10, 07:13

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I'm not sure what kind of drops Infacol are, but my son always had really bad gas/flatulence in the middle of the night after his feed and we used Ovol drops which really helped to eliminate it. So if it's something like that, my experience is that they work!


answered 03 Feb '10, 20:20

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Tammy ♦♦

We also used Ovol drops

(04 Feb '10, 01:37) Tammy ♦♦

We used store-brand Simethicone (similar to Mylicon) when our son was a newborn. He had a lot of gas, and it really helped him a lot. I had a lot of concerns about giving it to him, but our pediatrician assured us it was safe. The packaging says you can safely give them up to 12 doses a day, and we never got anywhere near that.

Here's some info on Simethicone:

I love the phrase "getting wind up", btw. Sounds so much more refined than "burping". ;)


answered 08 Feb '10, 04:47

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