My wife is 3 months pregnant, and we're starting to prepare for the big day :-)

How many clothes do you need to have ready for a newborn baby? And what kind of clothes do you need? Seperate shirts and pants, or one-piece-clothing?

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I added what tags I could think of for you ;)

(08 Feb '10, 14:16) DazedandConfused

+1 Great question...and will probably save you some money too :)

(08 Feb '10, 15:16) Emi

I found we didn't need too many clothes in the 0-3 month range, as babies grow soooo fast during this time. If I were to do laundry once a week, I would say have maybe 14 or 15 sleepers of this size. (You want more than one per day, as there are often poop and vomit accidents). I would also reccommend not buying any other clothes BUT sleepers- t-shirts, jeans, sweaters and hoodies are CUTE, but VERY impractical for babies at this age. I found even onesies with bare arms and legs weren't that great, as babies of this size could get cold a lot faster than you or I. Save the "cutesie" clothes for when the baby is 6 months or older :)


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These are also our experiences. We got much stuff from friends and relatives, and had to give away some stuff we got as a present, even though our son never wore them between 4 and 6 months old...

(08 Feb '10, 14:38) brandstaetter

I agree with the sleepers/pajamas. However, we also used the onesies underneath the pajamas because our bedrooms are on the cool side and resist heating.

(08 Feb '10, 15:14) Kiesa ♦

+1 for not being a victim of clever marketing fashion ads and campaigns. Cute garments like jeans that are fashionable are impractical in my opinion and my guess is rather uncomfortable for little ones in the 0-6 month age range!

(08 Feb '10, 15:21) Emi

Good points. With our second child we actually started exchanging anything that we received as a gift that was in a 0-3 mos size. If possible, we would get the same outfit, just in a bigger size.

(08 Feb '10, 15:39) Krista

We actually used onesies alot when my baby was a newborn as my daughter was born in September and tends to be on the warmer side. It would depend on the climat you live in. Also in our case, we had sleepy baby that I had to stip down to a onesie for feedings for the first 2 weeks so that she was stay awake throughout the entire feed.

(08 Feb '10, 19:57) Tammy ♦♦

answered 08 Feb '10, 15:07

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oh, there is already a question for this. Sorry, did not see it.

(08 Feb '10, 15:14) Fisherman

It's not an exact dupe because it wasn't asked about a child that hadn't come yet...

(08 Feb '10, 16:18) Anne

You very likely will want to swaddle your baby at night. Consider the temperature inside your house at the time of year your baby's due (August?) for what kind of outfits to put him in underneath the swaddler. My guy was born on May 17 so we had some hot months and didn't want to use the A/C constantly, so the indoor temp was around 70-75 (20 to 23 C). We put him in short-sleeved onesies underneath his swaddler.

BTW you may want to invest in a few of the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe wraps. My kid was quite the squirmer and managed to get out of any attempts at swaddling with a plain blanket. I've heard the same story from lots of other parents.

Another warm-weather tip -- you want to cover his limbs when he goes outside so he doesn't get too much sun, but you don't want him to get hot and sweaty. Very light pants and long-sleeved shirts are a must in that case.

I read somewhere that infants will cry when they're too cold, but not when they're too hot. So it's safer to underdress than overdress.

One more point: don't buy "newborn" sized clothes. If your baby is full-term, the NBs will likely already be too small. If your baby is not full-term, you will probably have a chance to rush out and get some smaller clothes before he/she comes home.


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Scott ♦♦


If you have a baby born in time for cold weather, I suggest getting a fleece bunting that you would use for a car seat and tucking your little guy into that if he isn't in a swaddling wrap.

(08 Feb '10, 17:31) mkcoehoorn

+1 for not buying newborn size clothes

(08 Feb '10, 19:59) Tammy ♦♦

I've never felt the need to swaddle any of my children, and I don't think I'm very unusual, so perhaps it's not worth investing on too many expensive swaddling products at this stage.

(14 Feb '10, 19:24) Meg Stephenson

@Meg in Canada they swaddle them right from birth at the hospital. It is very common. Our oldest needed to be swaddled to sleep until she was about 5 months old. Our youngest, never really needed to be swaddled. That being said, we never bought fancy swaddle wraps, just used a blanket.

(08 Feb '13, 09:52) Tammy ♦♦

Not too many clothes for baby especially newborn grow so fast. So buying many clothes is not needed.


answered 12 Feb '13, 23:15

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