Our daughter is learning and growing every day, as all babies do. I want to know if there's anything I can work on teaching her at this age. We are showing her baby signs for "milk", "mommy", "daddy", and "dog" (we have 2). Aside from sign language, what else can I work with her on at this age?

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From personal experience, some things I tried to teach my baby included:

  • Stacking blocks and then knocking them over. I sit him on the floor next to me and encourage him to knock over a tower of blocks as I build it.
  • Empty a bucket of toys and then fill it up again. We sit on the floor together and do this over and over again. I'm hoping that eventually this will turn into him putting his toys away. So far, he has only mastered emptying the bucket of toys. :)
  • Encourage him to copy actions in songs like clapping his hands or hitting my hand. I give him LOTS of praise when he accidentally does the action.
  • Help him develop his pincer grasp by giving him little bits of food to feed himself.
  • Teach him to be gentle when touching other people by stroking his hand gently and saying, "be gentle" when he tries to grab another person. (He is 9 months old now and this works to get him to release his hand once he has grabbed someone and will stop him mid-reach if I say, "be gentle" before he has grabbed on.)
  • Continue to give him lots of tummy time to encourage him to learn to crawl/move around. I like to give him a toy that will roll away from him when he plays with it so that he has to chase it around the room.
  • Help him learn to anticipate our daily routine by using the same expressions for the same actions each day. For example, at bedtime I say, "Its time to turn down the lights. Its time to close the curtains.... Its time for bed." (I narrate all the bedtime actions.) Now, as soon as I say, "Its time to turn down the lights" he puts his head on my shoulder. There are a number of expressions now that he seems to clearly understand. This was really great when we were out of town a few weeks ago and out of his usual routine. He understood the words even though everything looked different.

That's all I can think of for now. But as you said in your question, our baby is learning and growing each day. There is so much that we can teach our babies even at six months.


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+1 brings back sweet memories :) Really nice answer!

(10 Feb '10, 06:36) Emi

Good question.

In issue #1 of the moms4mom newsletter there are some ideas for promoting attentive behaviors in your child, broken down by age:

From 0 to 6 months:

  • Make direct eye contact with the infant, trying to stimulate and maintain the infant's eye contact
  • Change/rotate toys or bright objects periodically for novelty.
  • Place mobiles and toys 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) from face.
  • Make faces at the infant and watch her imitate (e.g. sticking out your tongue).

From 6 to 18 months:

  • Use rattle or other object for tracking across the midline, re-engaging the baby's eye contact continuously on the object.
  • Point out objects while labeling objects and actions throughout the day.
  • Note times of day when baby is awake and alert. Use those times for deliberate interactions.
  • Keep baby out of the baby carrier seat when not necessary for safety so the baby can follow the parents' eye gaze.

Those were from the book Bright from the Start, which I'm currently reading. It has many other ideas that would be related to your question. I recommend it.


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+1 nice answer :)

(09 Feb '10, 09:41) Emi

You can also be working with her on how to pet the dogs. Babies tend to grab at animals when they come into reach. So when one of your dogs is sitting or laying quietly, you can show your daughter how you stroke the dog, and then take her hand and let her try, with you guiding her hand.


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Good one! I've been working with my baby to be "gentle" with the kitties for months. At 8.5 months old he might finally be getting it! Except for the occasional tail pull.

(09 Feb '10, 13:51) Anne

Oh, good reminder. We have been doing that also, and it seems to be going pretty well :)

(09 Feb '10, 23:06) Fun2Dream

I have discovered The Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential and its founder Glen Doman only when my son was 4 years old and I am sorry that only then. The Institutes are involved in research on how small children learn. They also have programs which facilitate learning and provide challenge to child's brain to ensure that the brain in each stage develops to its full potential. At the Institutes I have seen a demonstration. A mom with 6 months old child was introducing apple to her boy. What she did was she showed him apple and let him touch it, then she showed him a picture of an apple, next she showed him a word apple written in very large letters on a piece of cardboard. Finally, she gave him some apple sauce to taste. Each time she was repeating word apple to her child. As you see she engaged as many senses as possible. Starting with visual cortex when she showed him apple, picture of it and a word APPLE. She also engaged auditory cortex each time. She engaged his tactile sense by letting him touch the apple and his sense of taste when she gave him some apple sauce. If this sounds intriguing look up the institutes. Have fun on your journey of learning and teaching. Glen Doman says "Mothers are the best teachers"


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