My 8.5 month old has always been a terrible napper. For a long time he would take 2 half-hour naps a day, whether at home or daycare; every once in a while he would stay down for an hour or 90 minutes, but this was the exception. However he has always been a reasonably good sleeper at night. He wakes up 2 or 3 times to nurse, but goes back to sleep quickly, and sleeps well otherwise from 7 to 7.

However, he's been in a pattern where he takes only one very short nap during the day. Then he either passes out in the car on the way home or at the breast once we get home. He'll sleep for at least a half hour, sometimes even longer. Then he won't go to bed until after 8 -- last night he didn't fall asleep until 9!!! He still wakes up at 7.

Tonight I tried not letting him take a nap at 5, but he just got overtired -- he fell asleep quickly at 6:30 but woke up at 7 and wouldn't go back to sleep (he's still up). I'm afraid I've completely messed up his schedule.

I should mention that I have not tried a nap schedule as daycare doesn't have a nap schedule, and I don't see how it's possible to get him on one without them quieting the room twice a day for naps.

Sorry for the long question. Basically, I'm wondering what to do to maximize his sleep. Am I overthinking this? Should I just let him sleep when he wants to?

asked 11 Feb '10, 01:02

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Wow, your baby sounds exactly like mine. For a long time he would only take two 1/2 hr naps and often those required me taking a walk and him falling asleep in the stroller. Then, around 8 months he started dropping his afternoon nap and falling asleep on the way home from daycare.

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+1 for well thought through system. With regard to your worries about cavities, you might find this page interesting: which says, amongst other things, that no link has been found between breastfeeding and tooth decay.

(13 Feb '10, 19:33) Meg Stephenson

@Meg Unfortunately, he's formula fed. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry so much :)

(14 Feb '10, 16:48) Kiesa ♦
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