My wife is very insistent that I wash an entire load of laundry the minute our son has a blowout. She wants to make sure his clothes are not stained. Is this strictly necessary, or can we wait until we normally do laundry on the weekend?

asked 12 Feb '10, 18:50

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Matthew Jones
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We usually rinse off the icky clothes (we have specific bucket for temp storage) right away and set them aside for when our son's clothes go in the wash. I haven't noticed any permanent stains from this yet.


answered 12 Feb '10, 19:09

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Rob Allen
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+1 for rinsing out straight away!

(12 Feb '10, 19:45) Emi

+1 We rinse and then use a stain pre-treater, but then just wait for the normal laundry day too

(12 Feb '10, 20:44) Kate

+1 We have found same the results - rince right away and wash the cloths on laundry day. We haven't had any poop stains.

(12 Feb '10, 21:25) cat_g

We rinse right away and wait to watch as well. If you do get stains, the sun is magic at getting them out. Just make sure that the items are wet when they are set out in the sun, and let the sun do all the work. Works on our cloth dipes and clothes. Environmentally friendly too!


answered 14 Feb '10, 02:48

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+1 for sun bleaching - the most powerful stain remover available.

(14 Feb '10, 19:35) Meg Stephenson

We don't. We use cloth diapers so any soiled clothing goes into the diaper pail and is washed with the diapers. However, we have had some staining that has not come out, so if it's a really nice outfit or if it's not just "play clothes" then I would probably go ahead and run a load of laundry.


answered 13 Feb '10, 16:53

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