My daughter always wants to play with and drink from my plastic water bottles. Do these contain BPA? Should I be concerned and try to prevent her from playing with them?

asked 14 Sep '09, 02:22

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I 'd look at the numbers on them. #2, #4 and #5 are fine and safe for food. #1 is ok for single use but doesn't come safely clean for reuse. #3 and #6 have some BPA and #7 has BPA and should be avoided for any food consumption. All plastic should be kept out of the microwave and I'd avoid letting them get hot in the car with drinks in them.


answered 17 Sep '09, 12:34

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There's a great PDF here if you'd like more info on the plastic types and other hazards:

(17 Sep '09, 16:47) Travis

We decided to avoid the issue entirely and switch to stainless steel bottles. However, BPA from plastic water bottles may be less of a problem than BPA in the lining of canned food so maybe we're worrying about the wrong thing.


answered 22 Sep '09, 01:01

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I was concerned about this too. We bought the Foogo straw bottle and have been quite happy with it. It doesn't last forever (kids being kids, they drop them; our first lasted about a year) but I think it has a reasonable life span for the price (about $14.99)


answered 07 Oct '09, 18:21

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Thanks Emily. We may have to pick one of these up.

(07 Oct '09, 21:34) Tammy ♦♦
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