Things I've answered is easy, it's in my profile. How can I get to all the questions that I haven't answered, but just posted a comment on?

asked 17 Feb '10, 07:53

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You can see all your recent activity by clicking the recent tab in your user profile. This isn't all your comments, but I think it goes back up to a month depending on how active you are.

The recent tab is one of the tabs directly below the last activity line of your profile and above the Questions section:

stats *recent* reputation favorites votes prefs

Your recent page can be accessed directly at:[user id]?tab=recent#sort-top

So for you it would be as your user id is 814. You get your user ID by going to your profile page (just click on your user name on any page) and noting the number directly before your user name.


answered 17 Feb '10, 08:59

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Rich Seller
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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

(17 Feb '10, 09:49) brandstaetter

Nice answer Rich! Being about 90 degrees earlier in the Earth's rotation than us, you get a jump on some of these questions. :)

(17 Feb '10, 17:09) Scott ♦♦

Interesting point Scott :-)

(17 Feb '10, 18:47) Emi

What goes around comes around. Most of the questions I could answer seem to be asked just after I go to bed

(17 Feb '10, 18:54) Rich Seller

Note also that there's a star below the up and downvote buttons for the questions. Clicking on that star will "favorite" the question for you, highlighting the star, and listing it in your favorites list:

brandstaetter's favorites list

To find your own favorites list, click on your user name at the top of the page, scroll down and find, just below the green About Me box, the "favorites" tab. click on that and you'll see your favorites, if you have any.

Some people will favorite a question they want to revisit later, in other words to some it's similar to a bookmark. If you leave a comment and want to follow up later, favorite the question, and occasionally go through your favorites.

Clicking on the star again will de-emphasize the star, and remove it from your favorites list.

Note that your favorites are public - anyone can view your favorites list, and you can view anyone else's favorites list. This shouldn't be a problem, but some people might be surprised by it, so here's your warning!


answered 18 Feb '10, 21:37

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Adam Davis
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