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How many words should a normal 15 month old have?

My almost 15 month old says a few words constantly and we've heard another 10 or so words once or twice and then never again. Is that normal? How many words should he be able to say at this age?

asked 17 Feb '10, 15:07

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You may find Rich Sellers answer to a similar question to be useful for you. http://moms4mom.com/questions/3916/how-many-words-should-a-normal-15-month-old-have

(17 Feb '10, 15:35) Emi

Children vary greatly in how much or how little they speak and when. For my family we didn't worry too much about it until they turned 2 years old or so - if they were throwing tantrums because they couldn't understand or be understood (as opposed to simply disliking the choices they are given) then we discussed the issue with our pediatrician.

If you are concerned, though, trust your instinct and visit your pediatrician. They will not only be able to tell you if your child is within normal development range for speech, but they can refer to you to a specialist if you have more concerns, and also give you advice on how to improve your child's communication skills.

We found that reading to our children increased their skills in this area significantly. Even though doing everything we thought was right, one of our children does suffer from speech delay. Finding this out early, before they learn bad vocal habits, can make things much easier as they grow than finding out and delaying treatment until they go to school.

In our case, he was one of our quietest babies - he didn't do the normal noises that the other kids did. If your baby is noisy, and plays with making various sounds, then even though he may not be speaking much, noises may indicate that he's still in a good position along his development line.

Also, anecdotally, all of my boys developed speech measurably later than their female cousins. They excelled in other areas, but simply weren't interested in being the chatterboxes that the girls appeared to be. I don't know if this is generally true, but it illustrates that there's a very wide band for "normal" development and no easy yes/no test for speech problems - you can't even compare other babies of the same age with yours.

So if you have questions, don't put off getting answers to them.


answered 18 Feb '10, 20:57

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(Adam, you may want to post your answer at the other question instead, now that this one has been closed as a duplicate.)

(19 Feb '10, 13:13) Chris W. Rea
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