My 9 month old cut his hand the other day. It was not a serious cut, but it was almost bad enough that we considered putting on a band-aid. We decided not to put a band-aid on his hand because we didn't think he would leave it alone. And we were worried that if he did manage to pull it off, he would probably try to eat it and possibly choke on it.

This led me to wonder, how do you get a baby to keep a band-aid on?

asked 21 Feb '10, 12:34

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Bandaid = plaster in the UK

(21 Feb '10, 14:08) Phil Seller

Thanks for the "translation" Phil Seller!

(21 Feb '10, 14:32) cat_g

You could try applying the Band-aid then securing it with medical tape. It would make it more difficult for your child to pull it off.

Or you could try using liquid Band-aid. (You can find it at the bottom of this page.) It creates a seal over the wound that stops bleeding and prevents bacteria from getting in. And there is nothing for your child to pull at to remove.


answered 21 Feb '10, 14:11

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Good idea! I forgot about liquid band-aids.

(21 Feb '10, 14:33) cat_g

Some liquid bandage stings when it goes on, since it contains some sort of antiseptic or something.

(23 Feb '10, 15:34) Rahn

My son is allergic to plasters/ Band-aids so if the cut is bad enough i use a dry dressing covered by a cotton bandage.


answered 21 Feb '10, 14:16

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Phil Seller
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Good point. My husband is allergic to the adhesive in most band-aids. So my son might be too.

(21 Feb '10, 14:34) cat_g
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