We're going on our semi annual beach vacation with several families.

I'm looking for some good activities to keep 'em from being bored and ideally something that we adults would enjoy. Stuff like Boci ball, etc.

Obvious beach activities we are already planning on:

  • Sailing
  • snorkeling
  • Body surfing
  • Boogie board (maybe)
  • Swimming

asked 21 Feb '10, 22:03

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Clay Nichols
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My family used to go to the beach for 2 weeks every summer for about 6 years running when all of our older kids were about that age. The things I remember getting the most use were:

  • cheap badminton rackets you don't mind being dropped in the water, and lots and lots of birdies!
  • boci ball
  • bubble stuff, everybody loves making bubbles on breezy days
  • making really big sand sculptures with one of my brothers-in-law doing the heavy shoveling
  • We tie-dyed t-shirts one year, that was hilarious!
  • 2 huge buckets of lego for those rainy chilly days, or days when somebody has just had enough sun for a bit.
  • easy 3-D puzzles, that could be put together, taken down and put away, and then put together again on another day, trying to do a regular puzzle when excited children on vacation are flying around is just a recipe for grief and disillusionment.

Hope you have a great time! Those summers at the beach are some of my teenagers and their cousins favorite memories of childhood!


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Scott ♦♦

+1 - nice ideas!

(22 Feb '10, 02:47) Fun2Dream

All great ideas, especially Bubble stuff. And good thinking on "rainy day* activities

(22 Feb '10, 05:16) Clay Nichols

+1 for sand sculptures!

(22 Feb '10, 06:13) Emi

Oh I forgot! Ice Cream pails with holes punched in lids for catching and realeasing critters! That will keep boys that age busy for an entire week!

(22 Feb '10, 16:47) Neen

We like to play board games at the beach. Last time we went, someone brought a Wii and we played Rock Band all together, which was fun, but not ideal for beach time. Though, not bad for a rainy afternoon ;)

We also like to cook while we're at the beach, so getting the kids involved with helping prepare a meal or a dessert might be fun.

If your beach allows it, a bonfire and roasting hot dogs and/or marshmallows, telling stories around the fire, and if anyone is musically inclined, singing songs and playing instruments (like a guitar, for instance) is always fun too.


answered 22 Feb '10, 02:49

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+1 for singing activities!

(22 Feb '10, 06:12) Emi

Hopefully you can get them out in the water - take some snorkels and swim around the shallow area looking for buried shells, etc... If there are some boats around - kids always like riding on the tubes - especially the hotdog tubes - just line them up and let them ride! Jane WArren, Publisher http://www.towabletubesdirect.com/price/179-or-less/airhead-hot-dog-towable-hd3/


answered 22 Feb '10, 03:11

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Jane Warren
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+1 for collecting shells! Snorkeling is a great idea too.

(22 Feb '10, 06:10) Emi

I remember collecting shells from the water while snorkelling being one of my favourite activities back then.

(22 Feb '10, 06:23) brandstaetter

Here are some ideas which we have had great fun with as children!

  • You could divide into teams and make a "mini tournament" competing against each other with activities like "Beach soccer" "Relay Swimming Races" and "Beach Volley Ball"
  • Frisbee throwing
  • Flying Kites



answered 22 Feb '10, 10:15

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