Do you plan to teach your kids to type with a standard QWERTY keyboard or a Dvorak set up?

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asked 25 Feb '10, 19:52

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Touch-typing was the best thing I ever learnt in school. (Learnt on one of those old manual typewriters which are also good for strengthening your hands and splitting your nails.)

QWERTY (with localised variations) is used almost exclusively in the English speaking world and many other as well. If you want to teach them Dvorak as well, that might be good, but they should definitely learn to cope efficiently with a QWERTY keyboard.

Colmak is another keyboard layout you might consider.

I periodically consider the idea of retraining myself to Dvorak or Colmak, but given that I'm on the computer every day, the effort and productivity hit makes it prohibitive (not to mention the amount of VI short-cuts I would have to remap).

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answered 26 Feb '10, 01:22

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I find it very unlikely that most schools will have the Dvorak setup, so I will probably teach them QWERTY, since I want them to be familiar with setups outside our home.

If they want to learn Dvorak when they are older, hey, more power to them!

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answered 25 Feb '10, 20:12

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Matthew Jones
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There a rather good article about relative merits of QWERTY vs. Dvorak here from 1996, and it claims little if any advantage to using a Dvorak keyboard. In fact, it seems to indicate that the claims of significantly better speed were somewhat of a marketing hoax.

I see no reason to introduce our child to a very uncommon keyboard, anymore than I see a reason to teach her to drive on the left side of the road (in North America).

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answered 26 Feb '10, 02:04

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I'd believe there isn't much difference in speed with QWERTY vs Dvorak. However, personally, I find it much more comfortable to type in Dvorak than QWERTY.

(26 Feb '10, 13:50) Kiesa ♦

Dvorak is supposed to be less likely to cause repetitive stress injuries.

(26 Feb '10, 15:55) mkcoehoorn

As there are many different layouts for QWERTY (qwertz, qwertz on a mac, english qwerty, us qwerty,...), and I myself try to stay flexible by using different keyboards, most likely my child will do the same.

I guess when it is time to properly learn to type , the child will have enough free will to decide for itself then.

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answered 25 Feb '10, 22:04

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