My nearly 8 month old hates being put on his tummy I try and place him on his tummy every day for a couple of mins and get down and play with him, but he just screams the whole time. He can sit unaided and stand holding on to something and will walk if you hold his hands. My only concern is he doesn't roll over or attempt to crawl. Should I persist in tummy time or scrap it!

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I'd say scrap it!

Tummy time is about preventing flat head, and improving muscle tone which you're little guy has if he's sitting unaided. He'll figure out rolling over and crawling in his own time, especially if he's trying to pull up already.
I would guess he's just in a hurry to get up and walk and the details of what's supposed to be the earlier stuff will fall into place when he's got that figured out.

This link is about why we do tummy time, and I think you're wee guy has just outgrown the reasons for it.


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Just a quick update he is now 10 months old and has finally learnt to roll over, He moves around with a mixture of bum shuffling and crawling.

(28 May '10, 06:25) Phil Seller

Whoop for your little guy! 3 out of 4 of my kids did some form of butt scooting instead of "traditional crawling" too, hardwood floors make it hard to keep your knees under you!

(28 May '10, 08:14) Neen

Our kids hated tummy time as well, and we probably didn't do it as much as we would have otherwise, but we would try for a few minutes a day, and even in their anger they would push and flail and exercise.

After awhile each got used to it for a few minutes at a time before getting mad, and eventually they respond to toys placed just outside their reach. It just takes time.

Incidentally, my kids are late crawlers/walkers. Correlation or cause - I don't know, but they do fine as they get older. With our 5th kid we aren't in any hurry for him to start walking anyway!


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What does he do if you sit him down and place some toys just outside of his reach? Can you leave him alone a bit, so that he has to help himself instead of rely on you to give him the toy he wants?


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Our daughter also hated tummy time. She also did not crawl until she was 9 months old and was late to roll over. She rolled from back to tummy first and would then get herself stuck, and eventually she would start on her back and barrel role across the floor without ever stopping on her tummy.

Eventually she just went from sitting to crawling position and crawled that way for a few months. In my experience, don't worry too much. Our daughter still walked at 13 months.

I remember watching a child development show one early morning when my daughter was a couple of months old stating that crawling is not a true developmental milestone as some children never learn to crawl there are a number of ways that children become mobile that is not "typical" hands and knees crawling (e.g. bum scoot, three legged crawl, army crawl on tummy).

I found this reference:

Crawling is an optional skill. It is not used to measure your baby’s overall development. Some babies decide not to crawl at all. And that is perfectly fine as long as they are reaching other very important developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting without support, cruising, and walking independently. If you feel your baby is behind in any of these milestones you should talk about it with your doctor at your next appointment.

Now the article goes on to discuss the importance of tummy time but like you I didn't want to feel like I was torturing my baby. By the time she was sitting up and would spend some time upright in her excersaucer I didn't worry about it anymore. I figured she was developing those important muscles simply be holding her body upright.


answered 26 Feb '10, 15:47

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