We are taking our almost 10 month old baby on a trip to Costa Rica next week. The flight is just over 5 hours. He will be sitting on our laps (i.e. not in a car seat). He is at a stage now where he does not like to sit still for more than a few seconds while he is awake. He wants to be crawling, jumping, climbing, or walking while holding our hands. He's got a lot of energy!

I'm thinking that I will bring some toys and books to play with in our seats and that I will let him take walks down the aisle while holding my hands to help him burn off some energy.

Any other suggestions for how we can keep our baby happy during a long flight?

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Good question. Here's what worked for us:

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Those magazines in the seat pocket
  • Singing songs (quietly)

Really anything to keep them occupied. You'd be surprised how many times she took the airplane safety pamphlet out of the seat back pocket, looked at it, and put it back in. This kept her entertained for tens of minutes at a time.

Good luck!


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+1 for discovering "the wonder of the back seat pocket"

(27 Feb '10, 07:56) Emi

Scott has made some really good points.

You may find these Travel toys for infants to be useful, particularly the "blue tape".

If at all possible try and schedule a milk feed to be given during or just after take off, we always found that our daughter was able to fall asleep easily and then wake up more cheerful and playful. (This was on flights of about 4 hours) I think the whole process of getting to the airport, checking in and finally sitting down in the plane is really tiring for the little ones too )

This way you avoid extensive grogginess and your little one wakes up rested and eager to play and check out his surrounding.

Finger foods that he can feed himself with, and some juice drinks are great and as Scott says the pamphlets, magazines in the back seat pocket are very entertaining. If you carry a marker pen handy you could create a monster puppet out of the "paper bag" provided for airsickness.

Try and take a picture of him, while he is sleeping, this picture will come in handy later on as he gets older and you talk or explain to him, about how he slept during the flight, whilst preparing him for other plane journeys. Our daughter would respond with questions about it... and it was a great way of making her understand the different bits of the journey.

Additionally the website Delicious Baby could be quite useful too, with many articles related to travelling with babies, toddlers, and young children.

Have fun!


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Normally, I'm of the mind that children shouldn't have screen time before 3 years. However, I've decided to make an exception for travel. On our last trip, when my baby was 11 months, I loaded Baby Smash on my computer and Spawn Lite on my iPhone (it appears that when the iPhone is in airplane mode there aren't any advertisements). Each of these would only keep him occupied for several minutes at a time but it was something else to rotate through (especially since I was taking the laptop and iPhone anyway).

BTW, I found lots of iPhone apps for children but most of them seemed aimed at older children. Even though Spawn Lite isn't targeted for babies, it kept him more interested than anything else I loaded.


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