We are going on a sunny vacation next week. I want to make sure my almost 10 month old son is well protected from the sun. We have bought him a UV protected hat, shirt and shorts for swimming. But, he will still need some sunscreen for his exposed skin.

Can I use the adult brand sunscreens on his skin? Or should I buy some that is specifically for babies/kids? What is the best sunscreen?

asked 27 Feb '10, 17:55

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We are the palest people on the planet + sensitive skin, and our pediatrician recommended Ombrelle for kids, SPF 60. It works well for us, but we also spend as much time as possible in the shade and are out of sun completely during peak UV hours. We reapply often, as it is not waterproof. I get it at Loblaws.

Don't forget sunglasses!


answered 27 Feb '10, 19:21

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+1 for the sunglasses reminder!

(27 Feb '10, 20:17) cat_g

I would recommend a waterproof sunscreen, and trying it out on a small patch of babys skin to make sure they don't react to the cream before you go. Use a high spf and keep baby out of sun as much as possible, using wide brimmed hat sun shades etc. also dress baby in pale clothes and give baby more to drink than normal as they dehydrate quicker in the heat. Have a lovely holiday!


answered 27 Feb '10, 20:06

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+1 for testing it on his skin before going on the trip.

(27 Feb '10, 20:18) cat_g

+1 for all points made!

(27 Feb '10, 20:26) Emi

Lots of sunscreens have chemicals in them that you don't want to put on your baby. We used California Baby sunscreen last summer and it worked well without all of the nasty stuff in it that other brands have you can review ratings at the skin deep cosmetic safety database. The best score you can receive there is a 0!


answered 28 Feb '10, 22:23

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+1 I'll check out that database before we go. Thanks!

(28 Feb '10, 22:30) cat_g

A link to said database: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

(12 Apr '10, 00:30) Scottie T
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