I thought it would be nice to compile a list of popular nursing bra's. I had a very hard time finding one that I really liked. I've found that many of my friends were having the same issues.

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asked 28 Sep '09, 17:33

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Scott ♦♦

This one has been on the Oprah show and it really is that great.

Elle Macpherson Maternelle Nursing Bra

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answered 28 Sep '09, 17:35

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Love this bra!!!

(29 Sep '09, 00:13) Melissa 1

I agree with Sabrina as that is one of my top bras! I would not ever go to Motherhood Maternity to get a bra again, they stretch out as they are washed and aren't comfortable!

(29 Sep '09, 00:14) Melissa 1

I have nursing bras (Bravado) and they are comfortable but I have got far more use out of maternity tanktops. It is a case of you get what you pay for and the "Glamourmom" tanktop is by far the best. I find that tanktops are more comfortable and allow for easy feeding as you don't have to unbutton or pull up a top for access. You also don't have to expose your abdomen which is frankly rather nice. I bought my tops from www.milkdivas.ca but they are widely available.

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answered 03 Oct '09, 15:14

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I agree except I prefer Bravado tanks to Glamourmoms. I don't like how the GMs leave a ring around your nipple from how they are constructed for feeding. I also think the Bravados are sturdier and the straps hold up better. I wear my tanks under shirts so there is minimal exposure (lift top shirt, whcih covers from the baby's face upward, and the tank covers the abdomen.). GM tanks are less expensive so they're definitely worth a shot.

(13 Nov '09, 13:06) Fun2Dream

My favorite nursing bras were Bravado bras. They were the most comfortable, durable and supportive. http://www.bravadodesigns.com/

I agree with Melissa, I wasn't impressed with Motherhood Maternity nursing bras, they were very uncomfortable.

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answered 29 Sep '09, 03:28

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Target has great nursing bras. I bought a few of them and they have lasted.

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answered 29 Sep '09, 15:15

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I love this one, actually from Motherhood.


It's comfy during the day and night, and I like how I don't have to undo and redo any clasps.

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answered 13 Nov '09, 04:37

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My favorite nursing bra was the molded seamless wirefree nursing bra, its made by leading lady. It had nipple coverage as well as great support so I wore it out during the day :)


answered 23 Jun '11, 11:13

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My wife bought one of Mammae and she liked it a lot.


answered 07 Jul '11, 04:25

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