Every night after we put our 2-year old to bed and close the door, she promptly gets out, goes to the doorway, lays down, and falls asleep on the hard-wood floor. She only started this about two weeks ago.

We sneak in and transfer her back to her crib after about an hour. She then sleeps for the rest of the night. But it's weird :-), and we're wondering what (if anything) we should do.

asked 02 Mar '10, 17:38

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Matt 2
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Our kids enjoy sleeping on the floor from time to time. It doesn't bother us, and doesn't bother them, and makes camping a little bit less complain-y.

When I was a child I remember crawling out of bed with my pillow and blanket, and listening to the remaining adult conversation as the day wound down. If I couldn't sleep where the adults were talking (sometimes they let me) then I'd get as close as I can without technically breaking the rules - which was to remain inside by bedroom, but at the door.

Or sometimes on the stairs, when I fit on a single step, which was generally frowned upon :-D


answered 02 Mar '10, 18:54

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Adam Davis
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You fell asleep on the stairs? You must have given your poor Mother a heart attack! :)

(02 Mar '10, 19:10) Neen

It was a split level home, so the stairs was only half a flight, and I was only three steps from bottom. Now that I think about it, it was never an issue for me - we'd ride laundry baskets down the stairs, leap all the way down them, and they were merely another climbing toy. As a parent I have pretty strong reactions to the kids playing on the stairs!

(03 Mar '10, 12:36) Adam Davis

I recall my brother using the banisters on the stairs as a sort of climbing frame, the three steps linking the entrance floor to the kitchen are as a long jump... stairs instead of sand :-) similarly to you, my brother freaks out if any of his three so much as run down the stairs!!!

(03 Mar '10, 16:12) Emi

+1 for bringing back memories!

(03 Mar '10, 16:12) Emi

I grew up in a house like that too, Adam, and we did the same things. :) Now, I'm raising my kids in an older 2 story house with a very steep 15 step wooden staircase and playing on or near the stairs is so not allowed. Even though I'm the only one who's ever fallen down them!

(05 Mar '10, 06:58) Neen

I agree with Adam, she probably just wants to be able to hear your comforting presence as she goes to sleep, and she can hear that from near the door.
Maybe if you leave her door open so she can hear you from there she'll stay in her bed and you can close it when you go to bed?


answered 02 Mar '10, 19:22

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Thanks for the suggestion! We've been considering this. Maybe we'll try it tonight.

(03 Mar '10, 01:25) Matt 2

My son has been sleeping on his mattress for over 5 years now, and has decided that he will sleep on the living room sofa during the week, and in his bedroom, on his mattress, on weekends only.

He decided to sleep on the mattress on the floor because he didn't want "anything" under his bed.

Makes sense to me.


answered 26 Apr '10, 06:42

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our 15months daughter does the same thing too. she climbs out of her bed and sleeps in the corridor or anywhere in the house as long as it's on the floor. she doesn't even want a pillow or to be covered. we do not know what to do anymore.


answered 18 Apr '10, 11:00

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I'd try taking her bed apart and storing it and just putting her mattress on the floor. You never know, it might work until she's old enough to tell you what's going on? (My little kids won't sleep under the blankets either, it doesn't matter how often I cover them back up, they keep kicking them off. I just gave up and bought warmer jammies.)

(18 Apr '10, 19:12) Neen

Maybe it's nice and cool (or warm) on the floor at times that it's too hot (or cold) in bed.

Much like with dogs, I'm constantly amazed at the positions and locations that kids can find it comfortable to sleep, that I would think would be impossible.


answered 03 Mar '10, 00:00

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Actually, we did think maybe she was getting too hot, so we removed one layer of pajamas, but that night she was back on the floor!

(03 Mar '10, 01:26) Matt 2

My son does the same thing, but if he wakes up at night after being put back in bed he will drag all the linens and animals back to the door, He sleeps so deeply he barely stirs when we go put him in the bed so it disturbs me that a fire or something would happen and I won't be able to open the door with all the stuff behind it. we've taken everything out except for his bed a rug a blanket pillow and an animal,he will not stay in his room if we open the door and we even moved the bed next to the door with the pillow on the closest to the door end. I don't want to make bed time a "mean" every 2 min get in your bed time but I'm out of options myself


answered 31 Jul '10, 14:39

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Tammy ♦♦

Hi Amanda if you're like to ask a related a question you are most likely to get responses if you click the ask question button in the upper right corner.

(03 Aug '10, 00:49) Tammy ♦♦

We just put my 21 month old into a toddler bed because she climbed out of her crib, well she loves going to bed, and she falls asleep in bed but at some point in the night sometimes early morning she goes to sleep by the door, every night!! I finally put a blanket and pillow there for her. But I dont get it?


answered 05 Oct '10, 03:17

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Hopefully some of the other responses here will be helpful to you?

(05 Oct '10, 17:48) Tammy ♦♦
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