Is it ok to take a baby into a hairdressers? I need my hair cut desparately but the stylist is fully booked on Saturday (when I can leave him with his dad). It's a small salon with really friendly ladies but I'm worried a little about the noise but mostly about the chemicals and whether he or his little lungs could be harmed by them?

asked 03 Mar '10, 07:06

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+1 Good question. Never thought about it, but I'm sure others here have faced a similar problem.

(03 Mar '10, 10:22) Scott ♦♦

I think cat_g answers your question well.

I would just like to add a couple of points that you may like to consider as well.

  1. Is the salon well ventilated? If it is small you may like to try and avoid going a what may be a peak time for them. If several ladies are having colouring done at the same time then the smell of ammonia could be unpleasant. (toxins from ammonia are said to toxic only if swallow but not inhaled)

  2. Bring a very thin piece of muslin which you could cover your babies stroller or carrier, in case he falls asleep. I suggest this to protect your little one from hair that could get blown into his/her face.

  3. If you have the chance place your baby so that you can make eye contact directly rather than through the mirror, this will be entertaining for you both. (I understand that this will only be possible if there is ample room/or if the seat next to you is free so the stroller can be parked there.

...and finally remain calm and try and enjoy your visit to the hairdresser.


answered 03 Mar '10, 15:46

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I'm not sure if there is a problem with the chemicals. But, I have been in your situation where I needed a haircut and my husband was unavailable to watch our baby.

I've taken our baby to the hairdresser's twice - once when he was about 4 months old and once when he was about 6 months old. Both times, I asked the salon if they were "stroller accessible" when I booked my appointment and I let them know I'd have a baby with me. Both stylists I saw were very accommodating and seemed like they were used to people bringing their babies for a haircut.

The first time I went, I was worried about what I'd do if the baby started crying. So I told the stylist that I might need to I interupt the haircut if the baby needed attention. When my son started crying and I wanted to pick him up, the stylist said, "Just wait - I have a trick." He turned on his hairdryer and my baby fell asleep!

So, if you are worried about taking care of your baby at the same time as gettng your hair cut from my experience, I would say just go for it! The salon staff and stylists were more helpful and accommodating than I expected.

Good luck!


answered 03 Mar '10, 13:30

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+1 That's always been my experience too, @cat_g. The hairdresser I have now is actually mad at me if I don't bring at least one of my little kids so he can visit with them too.

(03 Mar '10, 15:03) Neen

+1 Nice answer !

(03 Mar '10, 15:24) Emi
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