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Im the member of the TripAlity.com website. We do exactly what you do here except our questions are focus around travel. We just got this interesting question, so I would like to reposted it here as it fits the types of questions you got on this website.

Here's the question:

I'll shortly be flying from the UK to a Greek island to attend a friend's wedding. Though I've travelled plenty of times before, I've never done so with a 9-month-old baby in tow. What can you tell me? What are your experiences? What have you learnt? What worked well? What didn't?

If you got any tips on this subject please share.

You can post the answers here (I will add them back to tripality.com) or you can post direcly there Travelling with a baby: any tips?


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Rather than add a new answer, I'll just point you toward a couple of other, similar questions, such as http://moms4mom.com/questions/208/tips-for-air-travel-with-an-infant and my own question at http://moms4mom.com/questions/2840/travelling-with-a-newborn-by-plane.

(04 Mar '10, 16:36) Matthew Jones

There is also a question specifically about keeping babies happy on long flights at http://moms4mom.com/questions/4448/how-do-you-keep-your-baby-happy-during-a-long-flight.

(04 Mar '10, 16:38) Matthew Jones

Hello Tom,

Here is what I have experienced on flights between London and Istanbul, which is a similar journey length.

Good points are the flight is not too long, and the time change between the departure and destination point is one or two hours.

  • Try to get a flight thats in the middle of the day, they are the ones that worked best for us. Try to pre book your flight seat, and depending on the aircraft, ask to reserve the seats with the optional bassinet section just in front of your seat.

  • If your baby is being breast feed, try to nurse during take off and landing as this will greatly relieve any pressure felt in the ears during the increased altitude.

  • My daughter always managed to fall a sleep after take off. I think that a combination of the engine noise, the nursing, and the fact that your little one is actually feeling sleepy.

  • We always had finger foods fruit juice and water handy for when she woke up. (you should check to see whether the airline can provide you with some bottled water and fruit juice in case you are not permitted to board the flight with it.

  • For changing nappies, I always found it to be a struggle in the small toilets, during flights that were not crowded I would change her on my lap with my husbands help. It really helps to carry a few of the pleasant smelling bags with you, to avoid bad lingering nappy odours.

  • We would always have two changes of clothes in case of spillages both from the nappy or from her spilling something on herself.

  • Dressing in layers can also be practical, for removal if your baby gets warm or adding more layers if you feel they are cold.

    -I have never taken a particular blanket, but some parents say that their babies feel comforted by the odour of a familiar piece. This depends entirely on you and your child in my opinion.

And finally I would suggest that you arrive at the airport with a buggy, and then have it checked in, to be handed to you, on arrival at your destination point. Try to check that the airline provides a cover for it.

Apart from the points I have mentioned here are some more answers that may be of help to you!

  1. Tips for Air Travel with an infant
  2. The easiest way for me to travel by myself with a baby
  3. Advice for nursing an older baby during a flight

Additionally I have found Delicious Baby website to be full of useful and helpful information for travel with babies and children.


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