My baby can be put into his crib awake and easily fall asleep for naps and bedtime, however he will scream and cry if we try to put him in a new sleeping location while awake.

My mother will be babysitting multiple times a week and has purchased a crib for him at her house.

How can I ease the transition to this new sleep environment for my baby so we can eventually put him in this crib awake to fall asleep comfortably? I know that having some familiar blankets and toys may help, but are there other techniques we can use?

asked 05 Mar '10, 13:08

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How did you get him to be such a great sleeper in the first place? Congratulations!

(05 Mar '10, 13:22) Anne

Haha, thanks :) He always slept in his crib at night, and once he was three months old I took babysteps to train him to sleep in there for naps. Eventually it evolved so I can just put him in there awake when he's tired and he falls asleep! ...It IS great! :)

(05 Mar '10, 14:32) DazedandConfused

What were those "babysteps"? Maybe you can use the same babysteps for your mom's house. Also, wow, I could use those for my guy...

(05 Mar '10, 16:02) Anne

+1 for the great sleep routine!

(05 Mar '10, 16:15) Emi

I think the secret is to ease him in to the new sleeping environment/crib and at the same time getting him used to your mother putting him to sleep too.

So I would suggest your mother puts in him his own crib at your own house a few times, so he is more familiar with her, and feels similar levels of security with her presence. Then you do the same at your mothers house in the new crib, you remain close to him so that he feels comfortable. This may take a few sessions or a bit more, but this way your baby could be less effected by the different routine.

I think you will realize when he is comfortable enough for you to let your mother take over. Some answers to When can my child sleep over at Grandmas house may also be helpful to you.

Finally a toy or something familiar that he can keep with him could be helpful too, if he already has a preferred item like that. If not it could be a good time to introduce one.

(Congrats on your great success that he is such a good little sleeper) :)


answered 05 Mar '10, 16:14

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Great ideas, thank you................... The way I got him to sleep in his own crib was to put him to sleep first, then place him in the crib so he awoke in it. Then, I stood next to him and held his hand and spoke to him (while he cried a little), until he fell asleep. Then, I sat in the glider behind his crib talking to him (but out of sight) until he fell asleep. Finally, he learned to fall asleep without me there. I will make sure to take the time to do the same process at my mom's and see if it works!

(05 Mar '10, 18:45) DazedandConfused

@DazedandConfused :) I think the style you have used is wonderful. Our approach was very similar to yours, although my mother in law was not too keen on doing things the way we wanted, we wouldn't settle for anything different, and at the end it all worked out well. When she was a bit older (around 20 months) we would actually tell her we were going out, so that when she woke up she wouldn't be startled or upset that we weren't there, and that really worked well for us!

(05 Mar '10, 21:16) Emi
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