Neither my wife and I nor my parents know for sure if we need to burp our baby after feeding him solid food. So, what's the consensus?

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We've found that by the time they are ready for solids, they haven't needed help burping for some time.

This article suggests that most parents find their babies start to burp without help between 4 and 9 months. So there can be some overlap between feeding solids and still needing help burping. Feeding solids may bring in more air at first depending on how quickly they pick up good swallowing habits, so you may even find burping increases until they figure out how to swallow food without the air.

Whether they are easting solids or not, if they still require help burping, you may have to burp them after feeding them solids. If they don't normally require burping, you may not need to burp them after feeding them solids, because they should burp on their own as they've been doing since you stopped helping them.

Lastly, keep in mind that solids digest differently than milk. They may, especially at first, generate gas that you are not used to. If the baby is already burping fine on his own, then even this shouldn't be a problem, but it's additional gas they are not used to, and helping him burp can be comforting even if he doesn't really need the help.

Let him and his body guide you.


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