I changed my 13 month olds formula to the follow on formula around 4 weeks ago. Up until 3 nights ago he was doing fine and drinking 500ml-600ml a day, however now he gags when we offer the bottle to him and if he does manage to drink any of the bottle he then vomits rather copiously :( He is fine at other meal times and is eating other diary products (yoghurt, cheese) without any problems. Any suggestions on what to do or how to go forward?

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Is it a new container of formula? Could it be "bad"?

(08 Mar '10, 05:15) Kate

You could try switching him to full fat milk, they can have that from 12 months. I did with my son, as the doc said there is no real benifit to follow on formula.


answered 07 Mar '10, 19:16

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If I were you the first thing I'd do is take him to see his Doctor, or call the Public Health Nurse, 'cause that just sounds odd to me. I know I'd be worried about a 13 month old dehydrating if he can't take his bottle and is vomiting a lot.

I'm the first to admit I know absolutely nothing at all about formula feeding. Is it possible there's something in the type you're giving him now that wasn't in his old formula and that just suddenly violently disagrees with him? If it's something like that, you're doctor has certainly seen it before and can tell you what to do next.

Good luck, poor wee guy, and poor Mommy and Daddy!


answered 07 Mar '10, 05:05

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Maybe you could try switching to a different brand? In any case, please ask your pediatrician about that!

(07 Mar '10, 07:17) brandstaetter
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