The story so far: My daughter is 27 months old. She would wake up to feed during the night at least once, up until about 7-8 months ago, and since then she sleeps through the night. She usually goes to sleep around 9pm with a story.

Recently she started waking up around 5am-5:30am almost regularly. Then again, some mornings (today for instance) she sleeps in so late we have to wake her to go to kindergarten, and she still acts sleepy most of the morning.

She's not a baby anymore... I would think that by now her sleep schedule would be sorted out, what with her very ordered routine. Is there anything we can do to regulate her wake up time?

asked 08 Mar '10, 04:18

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Does she still take a nap during the day? Of course every child is different, but perhaps she is not getting enough sleep and is over tired (which is causing the disruptions in her sleep schedule). According to this article, the average toddler sleeps 10-13 hours a day. Why don't you try putting her to bed a little earlier to see if it makes a difference (7:30 or 8:00 - try moving bedtime back 15 minutes a day until you get there).


answered 08 Mar '10, 05:13

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She naps during the day, and this hasn't changed recently... According to her kindergarten teacher she gets plenty of rest, and her levels of energy in the afternoon are high. How would moving bedtime back make her sleep later?

(09 Mar '10, 18:53) Yuval

I know at first glance it seems crazy - won't going to bed earlier make them wake up earlier - BUT if the issue is that she is overtired then the extra sleep should help. If she's overtired then she may not be sleeping deep enough and the slightest thing is able to wake her up. It can't hurt to try.

(09 Mar '10, 22:09) Kate

Well, the theory was nice... but in practice, last night she was so tired she crashed around 20:30, and after her usual 8.5 hours she woke up at 5:00. Any more ideas?

(12 Mar '10, 11:40) Yuval
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