Are there any vitamins formulated specifically for postnatal, breastfeeding moms? Or should she just continue taking prenatal vitamins?

asked 08 Mar '10, 06:19

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That depends -- our brand of prenatal vitamins is also designed for breastfeeding moms, does your packaging say something like this?

As a rule of thumb: most prenatal vitamins I know (source: my mother works in a pharmacy) are suitable pre- and post-. There are usually no special things needed for breastfeeding mothers, compared to pregnant women. Just remember that the mother will need to eat more while breastfeeding, and always have something to drink at hand when settling down to feed.


answered 08 Mar '10, 06:41

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+1 My doctor advised me to just keep taking my pre-natals when I had my daughter. Which means I've been taking them since summer 2006, no wonder I hate the bloody things. I wonder if there's a reason they have to look like horse-pills and taste like horse-something-else?

(08 Mar '10, 09:17) Neen
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