What point in time, during pregnancy, should you not sleep on your back anymore?

asked 08 Mar '10, 07:15

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+1 I had also wondered this...

(08 Mar '10, 11:47) Emi

See also http://moms4mom.com/questions/1960

(09 Mar '10, 11:08) Rich Seller

And here's a link in English

It says either 2nd trimester or 3rd. (I assume depending on how big you are.)

I know that I stopped sleeping on my back near the beginning of my second trimester with all three of my boys, because I carried them way out in front and low (and looked very, very pregnant, very, very early!) and my hips hurt if I laid on my back.
But, with my daughter, I carried her higher and could sleep on my back until nearly the beginnning of my third trimester (at six months, people didn't realize I was pregnant, they thought I'd put on weight because the of stress of my job. Gee, thanks!).


answered 08 Mar '10, 07:51

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+1 I also slept on my back until the 3rd trimester, now looking back I realize that my bed was actually too hard. I wonder if orthopedic beds are better all around for pregnant women??

(08 Mar '10, 11:46) Emi

I asked my doctor this question when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I found that sleeping on my back was more comfortable than anything else and was worried I was somehow harming her. He told me that the most important thing was that I slept, not how I slept. Sometimes, in high risk situations, it is recommended to sleep on the left side only, but in regular pregnancies sleep position won't play a huge role in the health of the baby or the mother.


answered 20 Mar '10, 13:30

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Nancy - my doctor said the same thing. As long as it's comfortable, don't worry. If it's bad for the baby, it will not be comfortable and you may have trouble breathing. Just listen to your body.

(23 Mar '10, 00:36) JBunky

This link (German) does not specify a date, but it talks about the "later pregnancy", where the big uterus can compress the veins that transport the blood back to the heart, which causes nausea and other circulation related issues, even blackouts.

As long as you feel comfortable, you can sleep on the back, but if you experience any symptoms, you should immediately switch to a left-sideways position.


answered 08 Mar '10, 07:24

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