We've got various grades of slippers - all the way from practically-socks to nearly-shoes - from friends and relatives over our son's birthday/christmas, and some people nagging that we should be giving him shoes now, to make him walk.

My wife, however, has been told that you shouldn't give a baby shoes until they are already walking.

To collect a range of opinions and advice from the pretty knowledgable sources on here - What sort of shoes are best to buy for your baby's first pair, and when should you start thinking about it?

asked 09 Mar '10, 17:10

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Answers to this question may also be helpful http://moms4mom.com/questions/146/shoes-for-winter-weather

(09 Mar '10, 19:32) Tammy ♦♦

I just bought my 11-month baby his first pair of shoes yesterday. I specifically was looking for shoes that were really easy to get on and off him. The shoes are only for when he walks outside (he can walk holding our hands but not by himself). Inside, I don't plan to use them. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension says:

Shoes protect feet from rough or sharp surfaces. They don't help baby stand or walk. Until he starts walking in places that might hurt his feet, baby doesn't need to wear shoes. Socks, booties or clothes with feet are enough. Bare feet are fine unless it's cold in your home. When baby starts to walk, going barefoot around the house or in sand or grass is good exercise.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also gives more specifics about what type of shoe to get:

As your child begins to walk outside, she’ll need shoes to protect her feet. They should be comfortable and flexible with nonskid soles to avoid slips and provide room to grow; sneakers are fine. Your child does not need wedges, inserts, high backs, reinforced heels, special arches, and other features designed to shape and support the feet as they have no proven benefit for the average child. Her feet will grow rapidly during these months, and her shoes will have to keep pace. Her first pair of shoes probably will last two to three months, but you should check the fit of her shoes as often as monthly during this formative period. It’s often best to have your infant’s shoes fit by a professional trained in a child’s specific foot needs.

answered 09 Mar '10, 17:29

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My 9-month old wears soft-soled shoes when we go outside and I don't want him kicking off his socks. The only purpose of the shoes is to keep the socks on so his feet don't get cold. I've read (can't remember where) that shoes for a pre-walking baby should have soft, flexible soles.


answered 10 Mar '10, 01:53

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I sell shoes for babies and toddlers. They should have soft flexible soles and uppers because hard shoes can damage the foot. Baby Shoes


answered 28 Sep '10, 08:50

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our son is now 8 weeks old. Too young to wear shoes yet, but we already bought him a pair of Bobux


answered 28 Sep '10, 11:04

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Robeez and Jemos shoes are our favorite for first shoes.


answered 14 Oct '12, 12:38

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