It would be interesting to get the list of Things that should be kept away from babies...

I know a few,

  • Explosives
  • Cosmetics
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asked 11 Mar '10, 04:27

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Pandiya Chendur
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+1 excellent question. I changed it to a community wiki since it's a "list" type question.

(11 Mar '10, 09:43) Scott ♦♦

@Scott: should we expand the list in the question directly? Or make an answer c-wiki to contain all the points made?

(11 Mar '10, 10:33) brandstaetter

These are what spring to my mind, (for crawling babies)

  • Sharp objects
  • Furniture with sharp corners
  • Glass objects
  • Certain toys of older siblings with small pieces (Lego for instance )
  • Open flame /fire place / candles
  • Opening and closing doors (for fear of fingers getting caught )
  • Cabling
  • Liquids (Alcohol, Household cleaning detergents)
  • Sewing boxes

answered 11 Mar '10, 07:33

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My immediate thought would be anything smaller enough to choke on. I use the rule anything that would fit in the old style film cansister.


answered 11 Mar '10, 06:33

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I've actually heard: anything that would fit through a toilet paper roll is too small.

(11 Mar '10, 09:43) Scott ♦♦
  • Plastic Bags
  • choking hazards
  • unsanitary stuff (everything that should not go into the mouth, really)

Only when supervised:

  • longer strings
  • stuff that can break into choking-hazard-sized pieces

answered 11 Mar '10, 06:55

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Diaper Cream (or any other creams/ointments). I learned this today when my 13 month old twins covered themselves and their superyard play area with white zinc oxide cream. Apparently its not that toxic, but gives you a nice tummyache!

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answered 12 Mar '10, 14:56

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Shannon B
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Exercise equipment such as stationary bikes and elliptical machines. Little fingers can be amputated if they put them into some of the moving parts.

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answered 12 Mar '10, 23:04

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Your toolbox, and any of the tools in it. Pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc are all bad news.

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answered 13 Mar '10, 21:52

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The dog and all other pets especially those with furs.

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answered 19 Mar '10, 11:19

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Tammy ♦♦

@Randall I'm interested in the reason for response? Do you mean that the baby can be allergic to the fur, or choke on the fur? We have a dog and our daycare provider has two dogs and a cat and our daughter has spent quite a bit of time with them all. Of course they are well behaved and trained.

(19 Mar '10, 16:18) Tammy ♦♦

Allergy, rabies, and all the nasty things that can go wrong when good pets go bad.

(19 Mar '10, 17:05) Randell

@Randell, in Canada it is the law that all dogs have their rabies shots and are tagged to prove it. Perhaps this is more of a cultural difference. Many Canadians with children have pets, it is very common.

(19 Mar '10, 20:42) Tammy ♦♦

Our daughters had cats to deal with from an early age, and there were no problems for the daughters or the cats. I don't see this as a viable answer to the question, EXCEPT if the animal has some history or likelihood of hurting children.

(20 Mar '10, 01:03) Peter K.
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