My aunt had given birth to twins last month... She is really finding it difficult to manage them... So i decided to get some tips for her from moms4mom.... Any tips...

asked 11 Mar '10, 04:37

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Pandiya Chendur
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The answers to this earlier question could be interesting reading for your aunt too.

(11 Mar '10, 09:03) Emi

The first few months are really hard, from the vague recollections I have of them. (Not a lot of sleep going on there.) My main "tip" would be not to despair - it will get easier, and twins can be an absolute joy, even if they're a lot of work.

Other than that: (phrased as "you" just because it's easier)

  • You should get as much help as you can from everyone around - this is a bad time to try to do it all yourself.
  • Sleep whenever they do. If you've got guests but the babies have gone to sleep, feel free to kick the guests out so you can nap. If they're worthwhile friends, they'll understand.
  • Find twins clubs in your area. Even if you find it's inconvenient to go to their meetings (or you just don't get on with the people!) they may well be able to tell you about twin-related discounts.
  • Try to find some way for other people to tell them apart, if they're quite similar. If they're very similar and you'll be seeing people, dress them differently and tell your friends who's wearing what: constantly explaining that someone is referring to the wrong baby is tiring and avoidable.

Best of luck! I'll see if I can think of anything else...


answered 11 Mar '10, 06:26

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Jon Skeet
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Rich Seller

+1 you make it sound so simple!!

(11 Mar '10, 09:02) Emi

+1 I babysat indentical twins when I was a teenager, when they were newborns their Mom painted twin 1's toenails so they wouldn't get mixed-up and as they grew one always had much longer hair than the other. (Even she could get mixed up if she wasn't paying close attention, people outside the family wouldn't have had a clue which was which, and she didn't want that happening!)

(11 Mar '10, 15:10) Neen

+1 I think those are the best tips for twins!! My twin club is really good at helping out mom's with brand new twins, they even all get together and cook for you or will even come over to your house to help you out if you want their help!

(11 Mar '10, 16:46) Shannon B

The only thing I can think of that hasn't already been mentioned is trying to maintain a schedule. I have kept my boys on the same feeding/sleeping schedule since the beginning, and I think that was the only way I got a little bit of time to myself (which was usually spent sleeping). I found if I fed them back to back, by the time I finished feeding the second baby, the first baby was ready to feed again. By having them on the same schedule, there was more break time inbetween feedings, and it was easier to pass them off to any helpers without them confusing which baby needed to be fed. I couldn't survive without my schedule!!! :)


answered 11 Mar '10, 16:51

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Shannon B
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One thing we've done with ours is charting (on paper) their feeds, meds (ours are on a bunch) and diapers. Otherwise, we'd lose track of which one stooled, which one didn't feed well, etc.

There are Mothers of Twins clubs all over. My wife has found them really helpful, and I really wish there was an equivalent organisation for fathers!


answered 11 Mar '10, 13:51

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Keeping a chart of the feeding was vital for us. Diapers less so.

(12 Mar '10, 22:30) bbrown

@bbrown Diapers was useful for us because as preemies ours had quite a bit of constipation issues. Knowing if one hadn't stooled in 24+ hours let us know to try a suppository if they were fussy.

(12 Mar '10, 23:57) ceejayoz

If they're bottle-fed, each parent should pick a baby to take care of overnight. You can rotate for fairness, but doing so meant that one person wasn't getting up every single time and there was a lottery-like feeling when your baby slept through the night or fed less.

Also, Babies 'R' Us will give a twin discount on many items.


answered 12 Mar '10, 22:31

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