DD is in love with pink. I'm not a pastel pink lover, so we've steered away from it for so long. Maybe some hot pink here or there, but she's into a "must be pink" phase.

We went with the plastic pink FP dollhouse, which overjoyed her. She begged for the pink "girl colored" coat on LE clearance, etc. At the bike shop, she was in love with the pink bike and wanted nothing to do with the red/blue "boy" ones.

Do I have to get her some of these pink things that cannot be handed down, esp. the next bike at the 4th bday? Is that something I need to get over or will she?

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+1 Nice question! You made find this earlier question and its answers an interesting read. http://moms4mom.com/questions/641/the-gender-colour-connection-is-it-real

(13 Mar '10, 08:51) Emi

I think this is one of the "pick your battles" issues.

I'm a feminist from waaaay back and was brought up believing that being a feminist means having the choices to do what is best for us and what we want regardless of our gender. (yeah, I know, serious oversimplification, but it'll do.)

If it's just about you not liking pink, oh well, our kids arn't copies of us and they like what they like. I'd save the energy until she's a pre-teen and you have to have the "You are not ever wearing that and I don't care what all the girls at school are wearing!" battles.

So, if your daughter loves pink, okay. Some girls really, really do, and some don't.

I usually don't argue with my kids about what they choose to wear (as long as it's appropriate and clean), or how they wear their hair (again, as long as it's clean). I argue with them about their grades, how they treat other people, and whether their living up to their potential and principles. Superficial stuff is superficial stuff, and I just don't sweat it.

Some practical advice, my sister had some luck getting my "princess" niece to wear red (and have a red bike) by showing her with her paints that red was just pink without the white added.


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+1 I love the last anecdote!

(15 Mar '10, 13:20) Benjol

thats a lovely answer.. and so true about everything in life.. always "pick your battles" !!

(27 Apr '10, 16:44) Preets

As a baby/toddler my niece never worn pink as her parents didn't like pink. By the time she was 5 pink was her favourite colour. I suspect based on observation of the many girls I know that there is little a parent can do to prevent a girl (or a boy for that matter) like everything to be pink. I think it does pass. My niece (now nearly 8) doesn't wear as much pink these days

I try to avoid pink for things I might want hand on. As my son is the older one my daughter will get to ride a blue trike.


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My thought are Embrace the pink. It is for her if she loves it do it. If you embrace it she will either love it and you will be the hero or she will have it and get over it. Let her enjoy it.


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