I just crawled out of bed to be greeted by DH and DD, exclaiming that we finally had the first dry night. Should I set up a bribe chart to encourage more or just see if it happens again? I was hoping that one day, we'd have just two in diapers, not all three! She's been day-trained since 22m, so forever.

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dh dd?

(13 Mar '10, 14:04) JJJ

@Juan DH = dear/darling husband, DD = dear/darling daughter

(13 Mar '10, 18:43) Krista

Dont let her drink to much before going to bed, and you can try is putting her on the loo just before you go to bed, some little ones struggle going too long at night. Or putting a potty next to her bed she might be more inclined to get up and sit on that rather then venture to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You might find the reward chart helps.


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We are struggling with this now with our son. Other than the reduced liquids (we give the nightly milk cup at supper now, ~1 hour before bed) and toilet before bed we have found that encouraging a trip to the bathroom at any night time wakings has helped. My little one frequently wakes in the night, we suspect to go to the bathroom. When this happens we now suggest/encourage a trip to the potty rather than just tucking him back to sleep. He rarely takes us up on it, but we are trying to get him to connect the night waking with a need to go to the bathroom.

We also leave a (dim) light on in the bathroom and the potty seat set up, in case he wake early. This has started working really well. He gets up ~6:00 am every day now and heads to the washroom.

We used cloth when our son was in day diapers, but had to use disposables overnight due to his heavy wetting. We believe that our son was very/too comfortable peeing in these diapers, and have recently switched him to "pull-ups" for overnight - we emphasize that they are "night underwear" to discourage soiling them. We have seen an increase in nighttime toilet trips (he has even awakened to go potty on rare occasions), and a decrease in the level of wettness in the AM. If she is in disposables and not a super heavy wetter, you might want to try cloth - she will feel the wet/discomfort more and that might be encouraging (or have her wear underwear inside her diaper, for similar effect).

She may also be a really deep sleeper, or she may just not be ready - I am sure my guy isn't, but we are giving him all the tools so he can put it together when he is!

These are all small steps - but I no longer have to do bedsheets every day because he has soaked through his pull-up and jammies.


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I've never been convinced that being dry at night is a conscious thing, so I'm not sure that bribery would work. In fact this article from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry about bed wetting states that

children rarely wet on purpose, and usually feel ashamed about the incident

Several advice websites seem to suggest that there's no need to start worrying about it before the child is about 6 or 7, and so perhaps you're getting a bit ahead of yourself.

Our experience was that one daughter was still wetting the bed occasionally until she was seven, but has not done so for about 6 months now and another rarely wet the bed once she was dry in the day (at nearly three years old). Our son has potty trained in the last month, and is now waking in the night to go to the potty, but is still sometimes wet by morning.


answered 13 Mar '10, 21:34

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