In the UK it's today! Sunday 14th March. It moves around, but it's always the 4th Sunday of Lent. There's some background information on this junior school website. Tradition says that someone should bake a Simnel cake today, but it's kept to eat at Easter, because, of course, we're all fasting for Lent.

It's now, apparently since the sixteenth century, completely adopted into the Christian calendar, but may have originated in the Roman Spring festival which celebrated Cybele, their mother goddess.

What are the Mothers' day traditions elsewhere?

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asked 14 Mar '10, 10:21

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Meg Stephenson
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Happy Mothering Sunday to all mums in the United Kingdom :)!

(14 Mar '10, 11:05) Emi

Many European countries celebrate that day on the second Sunday of May. At least all the German speaking countries do.

Wikipedia has a nice overview table of all the dates across the world.

Traditionally, the family (mostly the kids, with a little help from the father) surprises the Mother with a more-or-less burnt breakfast and a horrible mess in the kitchen, as well as flowers. All kidding aside, breakfast and flowers, followed by a family excursion is usually how it goes.

We are looking forward to our first real mothers' day; last year we only had the big belly to celebrate at this day.

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answered 14 Mar '10, 10:52

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This day (second Sunday in May) has been celebrated as Mothers Day, in Turkey since 1955 as well.

(14 Mar '10, 11:09) Emi

+1 for the link. Second Sunday in May seems to be most popular. I find it fascinating that only the UK, Ireland and Nigeria celebrate it today.

(14 Mar '10, 11:33) Meg Stephenson

+1 for Wikipedia-link

(15 Mar '10, 10:59) Fisherman

Actually, Mothers Day is all about my Mom (Nana) at our house. I buy her a gift (usually something for her garden), go to a plant sale at our local conservatory with her in the morning, take her to lunch, and then we spend the afternoon however we like. My present is that my kids Dads take care of them all day and I get the day off completely to spend with my Mom.

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answered 15 Mar '10, 03:32

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